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We are a team with extensive experience on security investments. We have been evaluating transactions and acquisitions, conducting research, and analyzing key startups and small businesses for the past decade.

We created Crowdfunding Finder to make the search for investments easy for you.

When looking for investments you want to feel empowered to deal with complex analysis and decisions. You want to access a platform that aggregates vetted offerings that you can trust. You want a community that you can connect with, seek knowledge and inspiration.

Crowdfunding Finder provides all the necessary tools for you to enter the investing game.



Our team of dedicated professionals has vast experiences with security investments.  The team has an extensive background in evaluating transactions, acquisitions, conducting research, analyzing key startups and small businesses.  In addition, the team has expertise in risk analysis, valuations and cash flow modeling.

With over 40 years of combined experience, we look forward to enabling your dreams to invest in startups and becoming a venture capitalist (VC) at a comfortable entry point.

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CrowdfundingFinder.com is securities crowdfunding site



CrowdfundingFinder.com is a community-based platform that provides investors (big and small) with access to investment opportunities and analysis on startup company offerings.

Developed in 2016 and located in the heart of New York City, Crowdfunding Finder is an equity crowdfunding website that connects non-accredited and accredited investors with startups and emerging businesses listed on crowdfunding platforms.

Built on the belief that not all businesses and investors are alike, we pride ourselves on delivering a personalized and professional funding experience through industry-leading technology that helps our users customize their startup investment experience.


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