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H&G Science Inc. is a biotechnology firm devoted to research and development of cancer-treating m... More H&G Science Inc. is a biotechnology firm devoted to research and development of cancer-treating medicine. The current cancer therapeutics market is filled with major players, which have various approaches and focuses. H&G Science distinguishes itself with its tocotrienols-based solution and has designed protocols to perform FDA-approved Phase I/II clinical trials for colorectal cancer, pancreatic cancer, and radiation damage caused by fluoroscopic procedures. H&G Science ultimately plans to enter multiple cancer treatment markets, develop a cancer prevention supplement, and originate new radiation protection markets

The market is large, according to EvaluatePharma, “Prescription drug sales are expected to reach $1.2trn in 2024”. In the oncology sector, 2017, worldwide sales reached $104BB, which are expected to reach $233BB in 2024. As a specific example of a market H&G Science is poised to enter, the leading treatment for colorectal cancer, Irinotecan, had sales of $820MM in 2016.


The Tide

Price and efficiency are the two major challenges in the oncology/anticancer drug market. The market is vast and expanding as more patients gain access to prescription drugs thanks to globalization and the various means implemented to combat poverty. Although cancer is no longer a death sentence, the current drugs on the market appear to be relatively inefficient and arguably defected amid rapid medical advancement. On the other hand, the increasing intellectual property protection measures deployed around the globe discipline the market for unauthorized counterfeit and generic products, which in turn benefit the market for approved drugs. However, the high prices, due to increasing R&D costs, remain an obstacle. Regarding the two issues, more efficient and lower-priced drugs are urgently in demand. This situation unfolds opportunities for novel and specialized oncology drugs, which are efficient and will stimulate competition. FDA potentially hints with increasing numbers of approvals over the years.



The plot displays a clear upward trend in the number of approvals for new drugs in general over the last decade.




Looking specifically at the oncology sector, the graph as well shows an upward trend in the number of approvals by year.

Furthermore, as of Nov 21, 40 Oncology drugs have been approved in 2019. Given an average monthly approval of 3.6 and a mean monthly approval of 3, it is reasonable to assume that the number of oncology drugs approved in 2019 is no lower than 44, drawing equal to that in 2018 at the least. Moreover, there were many “first” achievements in 2018, with the four most significant illustrated in the graph. Numerous “first”s were also observed in 2017 and 2016 and beyond, from which it seems the bottleneck effect is yet absent.


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