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Company description

For people who reach their customers over the phone for sales or market research, KarmaCall allows them to increase conversions by paying their customers in real-time, ONLY when customers accept the call. Just like what Google did with cost per click, we invented cost per call.



Company name: FynCom

Founded: January 2019

CEO/Founder: Adrian Garcia

CEO/Founder Email: adrian@fyncom.com

Sector(s): Fintech, Cryptocurrency, Advertising

Business Stage: Pre-Revenue

Business Categories: B2B, B2C

Business Types: SaaS, Marketplace

Headquarters: Irvine, California

Company Website: https://karmacall.com

Team Distribution:

Irvine, California · 1

San Diego, California · 1

Seattle, Washington · 1




Adrian Garcia


CTO - Co-Founder

Christian Rodriguez


CRO - Co-Founder

Nico Torteli


Market opportunity

Cold calls are never going to die, but they represent a market inefficiency. Businesses are spending too much to acquire customers, while customers are losing too much money with scams. We combined cryptocurrency with telecommunications to align the 2 sides of this marketplace, creating trust between callers and consumers. By adding the trust component, we differentiate unknown calls from unwanted calls. We monetize legit unknown calls and reduce customer acquisition cost, creating a new channel for sales, advertisements, and research


# of Signed Contracts:1

Contract in Brazil to get 15k Samsung users / month. Signed with Digital Turbine.

# of Contracts in Pipeline:1

Credit consolidator with 1/188 conversion rates. Giving list of 1k number for the company to test their channel.

Active Users: 5400 Monthly

Letters of Intent Signed:1

In talks with Brazil VC to raise $1M.

Total Users:11000 Users

Retention Rate:46% monthly users active after 1 months

Churn Rate:54%/month

User Growth Rate:52% per/month for 7 months

Supply Frequency:109 transactions/day

Traction (Additional Notes)

35 blocked calls payouts per day - Q320. 198 blocked calls payouts per day - Q121.

Business model

B2C Free: Block scams and allow emergencies and friends. $4.99/mo: Add filter to allow legit calls, like potential clients (good for real state agents, freelancers, etc.). B2B 20% commission: Pay users to accept your call.


Spam calls have plagued society for 20+ years, despite laws & tech. They continue to rise. Our idea of creating an instant fee-less monetary transaction to address the root cause of this problem was only made possible by 2015 tech (distributed ledger).

Fundraising history

$9.5K Raised

Friends & Family


Fundraising target



Recent News & Activity

News•Feb 3, 2021

Disruption Banking — FynCom strengthens as it plans roll-out in Brazil

News•Aug 19, 2020

Disruption Banking — Talking about FynCom with RoboCash from California


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