What are we?   Tocca is a virtual event solution focused on demand generation for B2B compa... Read more What are we?   Tocca is a virtual event solution focused on demand generation for B2B companies that want to engage with prospects and customers.     Whom we serve   We work with senior level executives of mid and large companies who are responsible for awareness, engagement and sales through corporate communications activities.     The problem they have   Due to the pandemic, companies have experienced a significant fall off in communication initiatives.   Outside of the pandemic limitations, they are now using a variety of tools, from conferencing solutions, to outdated webinars tools and more recently virtual event platforms modeled after traditional convention centers, but their efforts are not producing the outcomes that management seeks in terms of efficiencies and costs.   Why do they have this problem?   Corporate events and meetings are costly, time- and energy-consuming and require significant input of management and team resources.   How does this leave them feeling?   This leaves them feeling unprepared and pressured by management and stakeholders.   The Tocca Solution   The Tocca Solution is a virtual corporate communications platform.   Our online meeting places offer:  
  • Customizable and different spaces
  • Flexibility of use
  • Easily repurposed venues on demand
  • Tailored look and feel
  • Meeting places for participants to collaborate
  • Broadcast rooms for company management and media
  • Exhibit hall to showcase companies, products or sponsors
  • Tailored booth for sponsors, companies, or products.
                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Why is this special and different?  We are digital corporate communication strategists. We build our programs on a deep understanding of client goals and insightful strategies to achieve those objectives.   Our process for the development of virtual activities include:  
  • A review our clients’ past effort
  • Analysis of results produced
  • Current communications goals
  • Recommendation of strategies
  • Program development
  Our unique building blocks allow us to create a suite of interactive and simultaneous activities through which participants can seamlessly and freely move.   Tocca’s platform offers every option typically available for corporate activities with significantly lower input of time, money and management effort.   Our technology provides easy to use, customizable spaces to accommodate any type or size of corporate initiative.         What are our credentials?   Clients
  • IGT (legal gambling solution provider, NYSE: IGT)
    • We created a virtual executive briefing center at a gaming show
    • New products were successfully launched
    • Reinformed their corporate culture and identity
  • EWA - Education Writers Association in the USA
    • We created a campus feel for writers to explore
    • Attendees could easily access information and collaborate with each other
  • ATC (Arizona Tech Council), an industry organization
    • We created activities and rooms to demonstrate their service offerings
    • Started with four events; now eight
    • Multiple speakers, simultaneous gatherings
    • Featured speaker: Governor of Arizona
  • Harvard University Alumni Association – created international networking event
    • 200 attendees, breakout sessions for industry verticals, networking lounge
      Related experience  
  • Tommaso Trionfi, CEO of Tocca, successfully launched Wimba, a collaborative virtual education platform; sold to Blackboard
  • Alumn of the Alchemist (San Francisco) and Salesforce accelerators
  What is our Why? We are passionate about bringing people together in a new way to create connections, breaking the boundaries that exist in a physical world, and to help them work and communicate in a more productive way. In so doing, we create new pathways for communities to work online.   What is the deliverable or what will clients have after working with us that they do not have now?   After working with us, managers generate more effective and efficient ROI on their corporate communication efforts.   Their stakeholders recognize and value their contributions and they feel confident about the future.     ----------------   Three Rules of Marketing:
  1. Nobody cares about you
  2. They will only remember the problem you solve
  3. They will not do the work to figure it out
  Two Rules of Communications  
  1. It’s not about you
  2. It’s never about you
  The only thing that matters is how your audience feels, thinks and acts. Read less


Tocca.IO's flexible, fast to configure, 100% branded platform made our Saas Sales Leadership event world class in execution
- by Matt C, 28 Jun, 2021 3:41 AM
One of the quotes we got back from an attendee at Loyal was "I thought by far this was the best video format conference call I've been on"
- by Michael K, 28 Jun, 2021 3:36 AM
We did an event for Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury & Retail. Tocca.IO is an innovative platform with great networking functions!
- by Timothy P, 28 Jun, 2021 3:32 AM
We at G2 love the 30+ breakout rooms that Tocca designed to facilitate LP/GP one-on-one meetings. Thanks to this feature, 163 unique connections were made.
- by Sophia Platt, 28 Jun, 2021 3:28 AM
Very excited to be part of Tocca
- by Fabrizio Angelini, 28 Jun, 2021 3:23 AM
Tomasso is a proven leader and money-maker! I invested in Tocca and recommend it.
- by Jonathan Epstein, 28 Jun, 2021 3:19 AM
I have been using Tocca for the past six months for events of up to 500 people for our non for profit. I would say that in terms of ease of use, customer service and the features on the software, I am very pleased and had a great experience. Good value for money and I will absolutely recommend it to other users.
- by Michelle Goldman, 25 Jun, 2021 3:54 AM
I used the software for a free trial for my 10 employees event. We had one of our biggest events and it couldn’t have gone smoother. I highly recommend.
- by Sophia Pasternak, 25 Jun, 2021 3:43 AM
Tocca really enhances your professional events by optimizing design, unique experiences, interactions, analytics and outcomes. It is a really simple yet disruptive virtual event solution that helps generate more leads. I think it is a great solution and a good investment opportunity.
- by Itay, 25 Jun, 2021 3:39 AM
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