How It Works

Make the investment that’s right for you.

We identify candidate companies for you, review them, and enable the crowd to perform due diligence and vetting.

We help you invest in startups that interest you, compare opportunities and customize your startup investment experience and get a you access to equity crowdfunding deals and analysis.

Our approach means we're able to provide you, our investors, a wide variety of startup investment opportunities that may interest you – from technology, bio-tech, real estate, etc.

We focus on quality. Our focus is not only on verified data but also our community’s view on the startup companies’ Financial Analysis, Management, Growth Progress and Business Concept. We identify startup investment opportunities and facilitate the analysis on equity crowdfunding investment.

Our investors community evaluates the startup opportunities collected from different sources based on a set of parameters.

We then direct the investors to the original source to purchase the security.

Users can follow their investment prospects on personal watch lists.

Users can be notified on industry news and new investment opportunities.

Leverage our simple, secure, and transparent online experience to find your most suited customized investment.

No Investment Advice or Recommendations. We do not provide any investment advice or recommendations. Our success probability of an offering on the website is neither a recommendation, solicitation or endorsement of the offering by us. Any decision to invest shall be based solely upon your own evaluation and analysis of the offering and is made at your own risk. You are strongly advised to consult with your investment advisor before making any investment.

  • Limited Due Diligence. You are responsible for conducting legal, accounting and other due diligence review on the issuer's and offerings posted on the website and to determine whether the investment is suitable for your investment needs. We are not responsible for your losses or missed opportunities. Please review the Terms of Service
  • Startups are risky investments. Expect to lose your money. Don’t invest more than you’re comfortable losing. Even successful investments will not return your money for years, if at all.
  • Diversify Spread your investments across multiple companies rather than putting all your money into one company.
  • Past performance does not predict future success. Just because a founder had success with a prior company, doesn't mean she will succeed with the current one.
  • Do your own research. Learn about companies on Equity Bender and through other public sources, including the SEC’s EDGAR database. The information on this site is submitted by its users and is not verified by Equity Bender. We do not and cannot recommend or endorse any company or offering.
  • Ask questions. Review and participate in the discussion forum for each offering you are interested in.
  • Review disclosures. Pay close attention to any disclosed dealings between the company and its officers, directors, employees or founders.
  • Understand that startups change plans constantly. They don't need your permission to do so. Plans and forecasts are not predictions of the future.
  • Review the offering terms. Review the terms of each offering carefully, including rights associated with the offered securities. You may not have the same rights as other investors, including voting rights.
  • Be aware of dilution. As a company raises money, the ownership interest of each past investor will be diluted.
  • Invest in companies you love. Invest in a startup because you love their product or service, not just for potential profit or return.



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