Do your own research. Learn about companies on Republic and through other public sources, including the SEC’s EDGAR database. The information on this site is submitted by its users and is not verified by Republic. Republic does not and cannot recommend or endorse any company or offering.

  • Ask questions. Review and participate in the discussion forum for each offering you are interested in.
  • Review disclosures. Pay close attention to any disclosed dealings between the company and its officers, directors, employees or founders.
  • Understand that startups change plans constantly. They don't need your permission to do so. Plans and forecasts are not predictions of the future.
  • Review the offering terms. Review the terms of each offering carefully, including rights associated with the offered securities. You may not have the same rights as other investors, including voting rights.
  • Be aware of dilution. As a company raises money, the ownership interest of each past investor will be diluted.

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