Company Name Reviews Comment Date
GTFO It’s Vegan They generate revenue through online retail and wholesale sales of both their branded and GreatFoods It’s Vegan private label products, memberships, and vendor ad revenue from placement in our social media, emails, and website. 10/30/2021
Kazoo Kazoo enables victims to connect to 911 and automatically relay precise pinpoint location data to first responders. Kazoo’s technology ensures accurate call routing every single time—which results in speedier response times that victims so desperately need. 10/30/2021
GTFO It’s Vegan The vegan seafood market is the fastest growing category in the market. By mining their data, coupled with their proprietary consumer market research, they have developed the best and most comprehensive information on consumer trends in plant-based purchases than any other source. GTFO will be the first company in the U.S. to offer the most extensive line of vegan sashimi than any other destination. 10/28/2021
Kazoo As a parent, nothing is more important than health and safety of my family. For the past several years, I've watched Kazoo develop and the technology evolve into a seamless product which combines multiple features into one, easy to use interface. Kazoo has limitless opportunities to grow in almost every country in the world. 10/28/2021
Kazoo I agree that a technology that pinpoints your location data automatically to first responders makes everyone safe and feel safe, and would be installed on every device. The upscale here is unique! 10/26/2021
Kazoo Kazoo's technology has the potential to make individuals and communities safe and provide a peace of mind to parents and friends who worry about their loved ones. From a commercial perspective, I see this usage growing to become a must have before anyone leaves the house. 10/26/2021
Kazoo The biggest thing that draws me to anything is to be on proactive side. Kazoo has that ability with its SOS live streaming technology. I always find way to prevent than to react—to me, Kazoo does that. 10/26/2021
StorEn Technologies, Inc. I am an investor in store-in. There is no transparency of company gaining any ground, I'm figuring investment to be a loss! 07/25/2021
GenBio Inc. I am very impressed with this groundbreaking disruptive Biotech technology. 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO Tocca.IO's flexible, fast to configure, 100% branded platform made our Saas Sales Leadership event world class in execution 06/28/2021
GenBio Inc. GenBio have such a unique expertise based on a crucial medical research breakthrough. They will disrupt the anti-inflammatory drug market! 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO One of the quotes we got back from an attendee at Loyal was "I thought by far this was the best video format conference call I've been on" 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO We did an event for Harvard Alumni for Fashion, Luxury & Retail. Tocca.IO is an innovative platform with great networking functions! 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO We at G2 love the 30+ breakout rooms that Tocca designed to facilitate LP/GP one-on-one meetings. Thanks to this feature, 163 unique connections were made. 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO Very excited to be part of Tocca 06/28/2021
GenBio Inc. GenBio is a good company disrupting BioTech! 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO Tomasso is a proven leader and money-maker! I invested in Tocca and recommend it. 06/28/2021
GenBio Inc. What an amazing investment opportunity. Definitely worth looking into this 06/28/2021
Tocca.IO I have been using Tocca for the past six months for events of up to 500 people for our non for profit. I would say that in terms of ease of use, customer service and the features on the software, I am very pleased and had a great experience. Good value for money and I will absolutely recommend it to other users. 06/25/2021
Tocca.IO I used the software for a free trial for my 10 employees event. We had one of our biggest events and it couldn’t have gone smoother. I highly recommend. 06/25/2021
Tocca.IO Tocca really enhances your professional events by optimizing design, unique experiences, interactions, analytics and outcomes. It is a really simple yet disruptive virtual event solution that helps generate more leads. I think it is a great solution and a good investment opportunity. 06/25/2021
Earth Rides Love the carbon free ride share. This is a great opportunity marrying EV and and share rides 05/12/2021
Place Technology This is the real time financial forecasting app they I was looking for. It is an innovative solution and accurate. 05/12/2021
KarmaCall I've been using this app for a few months now and it's worked great. It blocks calls (yet I can still get them to go directly to voice mail without disturbing me) that aren't on my contact list, PLUS I get paid in the nano cryptocurrency for each call that gets blocked. How cool is that? win/ win 05/09/2021
KarmaCall I can't believe this is free! Great concept and execution to block spam calls! All while earning some money! Awesome work! 05/09/2021
KarmaCall Great. No robo calls and no calls from Salesmen doing medicare sales! 05/09/2021
KarmaCall What an amazing idea to eliminate spam calls and create an environment where consumers are paid for their data rather than being targeted by spam calls. This is going to be a big industry. The opportunity to invest early in a disrupting company that solves a major pain for consumers is something I wouldn't miss. 05/04/2021
Fanalyze Fanalyze really helped me get into the world of fantasy football. It makes it so approachable and cool. Loved it! It is definitely worth my investment dollars :) 04/27/2021
Audios I've never seen anything like this before. The fact that the speakers do not need a WiFi router or bluetooth to connect just blew my mind. I did some research and no one makes a professional speaker like this. There are some that have a bluetooth speaker, but nothing with this 100 foot range and nothing that builds its own wireless network. My life just got so much easier. Outdoor events and parties, especially now with Covid restrictions, are so easy. Can't wait for them to come out with a sub. 04/21/2021
Audios These wireless speakers are amazing. Great design, great quality and amazing way to connect wirelessly with others in an event. 04/19/2021
Bizfluence This app is fantastic! We needed a new business networking community and Bizfluence fills the void that other social networking apps don't tap- of business networking community. Great idea and great execution! 04/19/2021
Lynx City I love the idea of a green way for transportation. With eco-friendly industries gaining momentum, I believe this is a great opportunity to invest in this electric scooter company 04/19/2021
Sizigi We were lucky to come across Sizigi. It was during COVID and the job market dynamic changed a lot. While worrying if we were able to assess the candidates efficiently , like how in-person interviews did in the past, Sizigi offered the technology for HR to meet only the right candidates. One job opening had taken more than 4 weeks to fill, and Sizigi's technology jumped in and made the magic happen within 5 days. The platform is easy to use as well. I recommend my HR fellows start using Sizigi soon especially when the talent acquisition landscape is adjusting to its new normal. I think it is a good investment. I see how helpful the platform is and believe there will be a larger market for this service. 04/19/2021
Lynx City Great solution for congestion and amazing way to be in the open space and do some sports while being green. Two birds in one stone! Love it 04/19/2021
Audios These are exactly the wireless speakers I was looking for for music events. Hopefully now that concerts and show come back, we will be able to use it. I think that after a year + of social distancing, many people have a strong need for live shows and connect with people in their proximity. We are so used to online connections, I think it will be an easy going transition. 04/19/2021
Sizigi Sizigi has so much to offer. It has never been easier to showcase your skills! 04/19/2021
Audios This is a great concept to have wireless speakers that connect with up to 16 other speakers up to 100 feet apart. This is great for events when you want to synchronize music from different speakers. Music enthusiasts will definitely love it and I see a big market for this. Overall I think it is a very good investment. 04/18/2021
DigiBuild I appreciate what DigiBuild is doing here, enabling clients to have hassle-free construction management with accurate insights. Very good enterprise software and a very promising investment opportunity! 04/16/2021
Lynx City I tried Lynx's automated scooter and it was so amazing. What am amazing solution to congestion problems. I think it is a great investment opportunity. 04/16/2021
Healthy Hip Hop Educational Hip hop! You must love this idea. Very approachable and I totally see a market for this! 04/16/2021
Fanalyze We needed this kind of search engine and analysis platform for fantasy football! As a sports fan, this is exactly the tool I was waiting for. 04/16/2021
Bizfluence I think we were long overdue for another professional network app other than Linkedin. I tried the app and heard Jacob and Joel in their latest meetup and became super bullish on this investment opportunity! 04/16/2021
Healthy Hip Hop Finally hip hop I can introduce to my kids! what a brilliant initiative. I love it 04/16/2021
Lynx City This is such a good green solution for an urban transportation problem. I believe the market for Lynx City is going to be huge and this is an amazing investment opportunity 04/16/2021
DigiBuild As someone new to blockchain, this enterprise software is so self explanatory j helping settle payments and verify. I highly recommend it and my modest belief is that it is undervalued. The valuation will definitely increase in the near future 04/16/2021
Fanalyze I was not aware of the amount of analysis there is in sports that sports fan follow. What an eye opening platform! 04/16/2021
Ready Set Jet What an amazing job Shalini is doing! I love the community aspect of it and the product is just amazing 04/16/2021
Bizfluence I have been following Joel for a couple of years on LinkedIn and believe in his vision for Bizfluence based on all his previous successes. I want to also support a fellow neighbor and many friends who are on the platform. 04/16/2021
DigiBuild The concept is past due and I have faith this start-up will succeed within next 5 years, even if a slow down in construction because of increased interest rates and reduced borrowing and this should provide a quick and functional alternative to historical lending and borrowing and quicker completion of projects that sometimes get hung up in the paperwork/administration before they get off the ground. 04/16/2021
Healthy Hip Hop I invested because this sounds like a fantastic way to motivate children to learn. 04/16/2021
Bizfluence I am a low level worker bee who has become disheartened by big corporate America, the media and big internet platforms. I hope this new way of communicating professionally takes off and let big tech know , they don't have control of the average Joe 04/15/2021
Eyedaptic I was so impressed by these VR glasses. It is like the hearing aid industry for vision impaired. Eyedaptic are on to something here and they are trailblazers in this. Seem like a great idea to me 04/15/2021
Healthy Hip Hop Love the concept of making hip hop approachable and educational! God bless 04/15/2021
Lynx City I always wanted a green solution for urban traffic. This electric scooter is a transportation solution as well and a way to do sports. It is very convenient and I believe the target market too be very large. This is a great opportunity to get equity in such an early stage with a relatively low valuation. In my opinion the valuation should be much higher than what it is. 04/15/2021
DigiBuild I think DigiBuild is one of the best Blockchain companies out there. I definitely recommend investing in it! 04/15/2021
Ready Set Jet A Ghandi award recipient! Investing in Ready Set Jet helps you do good and do well. Best of luck to you guys! 04/15/2021
Fanalyze As a sports fan, this is one of the greatest search engine and analysis platforms I've seen. They got my investment! 04/15/2021
Bizfluence Jacob and Joel have made an amazing platform here. I truly believe Bizfluence has the potential to be the new Linkedin. I attended one of their Meetup events. This app is going to be huge! 04/15/2021
Healthy Hip Hop I think you will be successful. I saw the episode of the Drapers the presentation was great. Sometimes people don't get product that are designed for people of color. 04/15/2021
Bizfluence Because I know that Jacob and Joel are hustling their rear ends off to create something that will change the face of social media. I'm excited to be a part of it. (And I'm hoping that one day, this investment will marry off one of my kids.) 04/15/2021
DigiBuild DigiBuild is building the future of the construction industry in the most unique way possible. They've demonstrated incredible success in doing so, and I am excited to see how they continue to evolve. 04/15/2021
Bizfluence I believe this platform will do well as it adds time to value and a relationship-building element to owners and employees of medium and small businesses. These are the same businesses I support so this just makes sense. 04/13/2021
DigiBuild Recognize that blockchain technology will disrupt numerous industries, one of them being construction. Digibuild appears to be leading this charge. 04/13/2021
Healthy Hip Hop I invested because hip hop shapes cultures all over the world, and Healthy Hip Hop is poised to have a long-standing relationship with users globally. 04/13/2021
Bizfluence I invested because I believe that you will do everything you can to make Bizfluence succeed. From my limited time on the platform, it definitely looks like a vibrant and viable marketplace. Let me know if I can help with anything. 04/13/2021
DigiBuild A technology that creates a better way to manage the construction industry using blockchain solutions and connect platforms to create a healthier and happier global industry is an evolution that I support so much. 04/13/2021
Bizfluence Bizfluence truly listens to its users and wants allowing the user to shape the future of the platform. It is refreshing to be on a fast-paced user leading program. 04/12/2021
Bizfluence Bizfluence is what other platforms are not...just business. There are no other distractions. Everyone is here for the same thing. 04/12/2021
Bizfluence What makes Bizfluence so great is it's first start. The founders are involved, listening to the community and rapidly developing features that business professionals actually want! 04/12/2021
Fanalyze The founder of this company pursued his dreams based on his passion for sports. I can attest to his love of sports and support the idea for this company. I see big things for this company! 04/11/2021
DigiBuild I work in the construction industry and see the need for improvement. Technology and blockchain can provide the means when in the right hands. DigiBuild appears to understand this. 04/11/2021
Fanalyze Juan Juan is a winner and Fanalyze is well-positioned in one of the fastest-growing sectors in software; e-sports, betting, and sports analytics. 04/11/2021
DigiBuild I invested in Digibuild because Blockchain technology can revolutionize the construction industry by making planning and execution fast and simple. With the help of immutable ledger and smart contracts the projects can be completed efficiently and time-bound manner. All the best to Digibuild team. 04/11/2021
Fanalyze I invested in Fanalyze because I believe in the team and their ability to build a great company. Juan and his team have built a great product that fits a real market need for their customers. 04/09/2021
DigiBuild DigiBuild is literally creating their own category for blockchain technology in construction. With $5 billion in construction managed by the executive team and 30 of the largest companies in construction, which are either customers or beta users, it was a no-brainer for me. 04/09/2021
DigiBuild As a Certified Blockchain Solution Architect, I believe in the power of blockchain and see the great potential in the construction industry. As mentioned in Robert's intro video on the website, there is a lack of communication and efficient data transmission between the stakeholders, and blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize this industry. I am very excited to be part of this journey. Best of luck, DigiBuild! 04/09/2021
Sizigi Sizigi actively worked and sourced several qualified candidates for our company. They were very productive and responsive, answering questions in the later hours and early morning. I also found their portal and videos very helpful when matching candidates with managers. I highly recommend them. 03/26/2021
Ready Set Jet RSJ's unique beauty baton products utilizing vegan and marine-based components which work across multiple skin tones are obviously the result of a savvy beauty expert. And the RSJ Academy delivers on the company's passion of working closely with disenfranchised young women in India. 03/26/2021
Sizigi Sizigi is a very special platform and completely user-friendly. It immediately connected to my LinkedIn, making it easy to sign up and sign in! 03/25/2021
Ready Set Jet As a CFO I see a lot of investments, I couldn't believe how many things Ready Set Jet crossed off my list. I just love everything about this company; the products, the purpose, the mission. 03/25/2021
Sizigi Using Sizigi while looking for my next opportunity has been great. It is taking the tradtional way of doing things and adding the video platform to better represent yourself. It allows me to add and share only what is associated to the job as I can showcase my skills to the potential employer. 03/25/2021
Ready Set Jet I'm thrilled to put my money where my mouth is and I love that I get to watch so many women come together and have power in numbers and power in connection. 03/25/2021
Eyedaptic I was impressed by the story of the former woodworker and a retired WWII veteran who has remained active in his line of construction work, even in his 90’s. He struggles with dry AMD and now his vision has deteriorated to 20/150. I heard him describing wearing the Eyedaptic glasses and explaining how useful the eyewear has been, helping him regain his freedom. He explains how choosing his favorite cheese takes on a whole new meaning now that he can see what he is reaching for. Before the glasses, he chose the same cheese every time he shopped because he could easily identify it. Now with these glasses, he can enjoy more variety because for the first time in a long time, he can see it. This is the kind of impact that makes me want to invest in Eyedaptic, other than just the ROI of this disruptive new technology. 03/25/2021
Sizigi I used Sizigi at Qualcomm to implement a virtual case competition. It was easy to use and very organized. The e-portfolio format provided me with a deeper and more holistic view of the candidates when compared to the traditional resume. I highly recommend Sizigi to employers who are looking to change their recruiting strategy. 03/25/2021
Sizigi As a product manager at IBM, using Sizigi during our hiring process helped my candidates create their own stage to shine. With Sizigi, our team received deeper insight into the soft skills and core attributes we look for in culture fit. It is amazing that now we can also invest in this company. I highly recommend! 03/25/2021
Eyedaptic As a computer programmer, I loved going to work every day. Although my peripheral vision allows me to continue to be an active sailor however, dry AMD has rendered me legally blind, forcing me to retire from a job I loved, due to my severe vision loss. More than just a blind spot in the center of my vision, I live every day with essentially a dozen or so blind spots obscuring my central vision. Before Eyedaptic, I would held up a large magnifying glass and painstakingly use this to read one or two words at a time just to read the paper. After 3 weeks of using the new Eyedaptic glasses, my day to day life is transformed. I bought a new computer and use it almost every day for several hours. I can see the computer without any problem and even read fine print. With the Eyedaptic glasses, I'm able to read fast and fluently. Best of all, I don't need to carry around a cumbersome magnifying glass all the time. Investing in Eyedaptic is not just a good investment, but also very helpful to consumers like me! 03/24/2021
Sizigi As a student looking for internship and job opportunities, I was able to use SIzigi to create and share rich digital content on an extremely user-friendly platform. Unlike the traditional one-dimensional resume, Sizigi allowed me to portray my thought process, helping recruiters truly gain a sense of who I am. Sizigi offers a modern solution to the antiquated hiring process which has ultimately provided me with an exciting summer internship offer from Qualcomm Inc. 03/24/2021
Ready Set Jet I’m thrilled about my investment in Ready Set Jet. This is an incredible investment in the empowerment of women globally. What I love about this company is the mission, the products and the intention to making an impact where it’s needed most! 03/24/2021
Ready Set Jet This is an incredible financial investment...Global inclusiveness, philanthropy, and inclusiveness of women from all walks of life is something we all need to work on right now. 03/24/2021
Ready Set Jet I invested because of the cause ranveer has chosen i.e.,real women empowerment ie., women entrepreneurship through actions not just words. 03/19/2021
Ready Set Jet I invested because of the mission, to empower others. 03/19/2021
Eyedaptic What makes eyedaptic different is that they are the only company currently using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for adaptive systems and autonomous user interfaces to simulate natural vision. Their approaches are surrounded by a broad patent portfolio, as well as demonstrated efficacy with a clinical study. 03/18/2021
Ready Set Jet I invested because of company’s mission empowering women and because of the cause ranveer has chosen. 03/18/2021
Ready Set Jet Such a pure vision - empowering women all over the world, the products are vegan, eco-friendly and are the requirement of time. Ready set jet ticks all the boxes and it's giving me an investment opportunity in the product which has a huge potential to grow. 03/18/2021
Eyedaptic I just invested in your product and think it is amazing what you are doing! 03/18/2021
Ready Set Jet This is an incredible financial investment: Global inclusiveness, philanthropy, and inclusiveness of women from all walks of life is something we all need to work on right now. RSJ Academy delivers on the company's passion of working closely with disenfranchised young women in India. 03/18/2021
Eyedaptic What an amazing technology that really helps people's lives! I loved the stories of users whose lives were changed like Lowell who explains how choosing his favorite cheese takes on a whole new meaning now that he can see what he is reaching for. Before the glasses, he chose the same cheese every time he shopped because he could not easily identify it. Now with these glasses, he can enjoy more variety because for the first time in a long time, he can see it. This is compelling! 03/18/2021
Ready Set Jet I invested because I believe the gap between gender equality is still there, no female should ever feel alone. We should stand by each other shoulder to shoulder empowering each other daily, we should be pathing the way to a better future for young girls, showing them that they too are capable of achieving anything they want. It’s time the world looked at women the same way they look at men. I want to raise a leader not a follower 💗 03/17/2021
Eyedaptic Great to see how your technology is enhancing lives such as Sam’s! 03/17/2021
Eyedaptic We tested eyedaptic vs other vision impaired software and eyedaptic stands out- happy to invest. they also don’t fake that they designed their own hardware like companies like nueyes are doing. Better to invest with a truthful company - hope eyedaptic takes over the vision impaired market!! Great team and product 03/17/2021
Opyrus The very root, soul, and purpose of the Opyrus vision harmonizes perfectly with my own decades-long journalism and authorial experience. Why do we write? We write because it is the singular way that we understand our world and the world around us. We write to affirm, unravel and appreciate this adventure that we call life. Opyrus accompanies us on that journey. 03/11/2021
Opyrus If you have a story in you, if you have tales to tell, if your or someone else’s life has been interesting so far, if those with whom you surround yourself continue to suggest memorializing one or more aspects of your personal or professional experiences (or both), Opyrus is the way to go about it. It’s a new user-friendly site for fledgling writers OR seasoned authors who want to write about what’s important to them, and in their own words. The new WritingLight and Caravan community provide an excellent means to learn, collaborate and share one’s interests throughout life, the good and the bad of it, and in the author’s own language, for the lasting written enjoyment and benefit of others. 03/11/2021
Opyrus Opyrus has created a new way to look at writing. Everyone has a story to tell and it’s not just one story. No matter who you are and where you are in your life, having the resources to not only understand how to become an author but why! Opyrus is for anyone considering taking the leap or is looking for new opportunities to continue to make their mark on the world 03/10/2021
Opyrus The new Opyrus opportunity is great. As a non-fiction self-help author, writing books has changed my life and I know my books have favorably changed the lives of others around the world. With Opyrus planning to tap into the millions of would-be authors to help them get started, this will be wonderful for each of the many aspiring writers and all those they can touch through their words, spirit and inspiration. Before I wrote my first book, an author friend motivated me with his words to “Just write!” That nudge made the difference. Now, with Opyrus, this same nudge is available to all who are considering sharing their thoughts through books created with the help of the Opyrus team. Just start with Opyrus and write! 03/09/2021
Eyes 4 Lives, Inc. Eyes4Lives utilizes advanced deep learning AI algorithms and employs a proprietary feedback system, eyeQscore. The technology has been successfully embedded into laptops, tablets, cell phones and TVs using built-in cameras. Battery & CPU consumption are minimal due to hyper- efficient AI inference chips. 03/09/2021
Opyrus I am excited to up my investment in Opyrus as it will certainly democratize writing and make it so much easier for the average person to write what is in their heart! 03/09/2021
Opyrus I really like the big vision for Opyrus. Writing is something that everyone should benefit from and your next generation offering looks like a real game changer! 03/07/2021
Opyrus I’m an author. I truly believe in Opyrus, its educational platform, and the quality of services it offers. Opyrus is on the cusps of unimaginable success and incredible things. 03/05/2021
Opyrus I'm both a writer and an investor. I'm hoping I can personally benefit from using the software. In the past, every piece of tech or software I loved went on to be BIG. Google, Adobe, Amazon, Paypal, etc. but I didn't have the foresight then to invest early. I figure the subscription itself could be worth the investment. 03/04/2021
Eyes 4 Lives, Inc. There are currently 3 prototypes available. The first one is an external hardware device with built-in camera and sensors. This is their POC device they used to demonstrate all features. The second one is for TV, which is being tested in South Korea by a leading TV manufacturer at this time. The third one is a built-in version (software only) using the next-gen AI chip and running on the latest Intel platform. This latest version was provided to Intel for their virtual CES showcase. I am hopeful that at least one OEM brand will have eyes4lives software pre-loaded onto some of their 2022 model year computers. 03/03/2021
Eyes 4 Lives, Inc. I work many hours on the computer and see the need for this product. I see several potential revenue streams for this company, but their main focus now is on licensing their IPs and algorithm to device manufacturers. I am hopeful that some 2022 model year higher end computers and tablets will come with their software as part of the standard features, and Intel is one of their strategic partners to help them achieve that goal 03/02/2021
Opyrus I am interested in writing, have been published in the past, intend to write again now that I am retired. My youngest daughter wants to begin writing and I found Opyrus as I looked for tools that are available to assist her efforts. The Opyrus platform caught my interest. The platform seems well suited to adapt to the changes brought about by new technology. What better view can be offered than from the inside. I am excited to see what transpires. 03/02/2021
Opyrus I believe most people have a story to tell. Opyrus offers a platform to make it possible for these stories to be told, to inspire people to share their story(ies) in writing, or for aspiring writers to capture and memorialize life stories of others. Opyrus is a great platform for beginners, for those who have a desire to write but not sure where or how to begin their journey, and for more experienced writers, as well. 03/02/2021
Opyrus I believe in this business model and the potential here. I am also a beneficiary, as I haphazardly came across a LIFEWRITE submission, as I was combing through decades worth of wreckage in my garage. I blew out a piece from the garage that afternoon. It got published. As a former educator, this mission is in a "perfect storm". 03/01/2021
Fuel Gems FuelGems additive is easy to use. Nanoparticles are dissolved in gasoline or another solvent, then this solution is added to fuel. We believe, based on our experience in business, demand from such large corporations signals this product is red hot. If the three companies in the pilot stage convert to clients, at full capacity, have the potential to deliver about $50 million in annual revenue to FuelGems. A really good buy in my opinion. 11/06/2020
Fuel Gems I invested in FuelGems for multiple reasons. Their team and product will change the world when it comes to using gasoline and diesel. Using diesel and gasoline produces emissions such as unburnt hydrocarbons and particulate matter which cause air pollution and cause heart disease and cancer. FuelGems will save lives. Equally important is the fact that only a tiny amount of 1 to 5 grams of their nanoparticles, which are made of carbon and are safe, are needed to treat 260 gallons of fuel. This is hundreds of times less of active materials than what competitors use in their additives. This tiny amount of additive needed makes FuelGems product very cheap and universally applicable across the huge $3.5 trillion worldwide fuel sector. Kirill and his PhD scientists are an excellent mix of scientific and business talent. The technology is patented and ready for mass production. They bootstrapped the development of the fuel additive and its production method and their pricing of this round is a great bargain because such product would have cost million to develop if was done by a big company. I love the fact that they ran almost every possible type of test of their technology and the results are nothing short of amazing: reduction in greenhouse gasses by 50%, reduction in consumed fuel by 10%, increased lubrication of engine and components all while customers realize huge ROI numbers. Their worldwide traction is also amazing. What I love even more is the fact that such a small amount of nanoparticles is needed to treat fuel. This lets them price multiple times cheaper than other fuel additives and win a huge market share very quickly. They didn’t spend any money on marketing and huge corporations are contacting them. Such strong demand means that their product is badly needed. They have traction with multi-billion Oil&Gas companies. Just one client of this caliber will bring $30 million in annual revenue. This is extremely exciting because getting 15 clients will sky rocket the company’s annual revenue into hundreds of millions relatively quickly. I believe the company has incredible growth ahead and I am very excited to get in with FuelGems at an early stage and to be the lead investor in this deal. 11/06/2020
AlphaFlow I'm a true believer that Real Estate is a key element for financial independence. My husband flip houses and I know how hard it is to search for financing. This company offers something really valuable to the future of real estate industry and that can really help people achieve their financial independence. 09/03/2020
Sun Warrior Seems like a very promising company! 09/03/2020
Monetran While this would be a game-changer in the remittance space, I am on the fence given the recent regulatory hurdles faced by Libra (an asset-backed cryptocurrency owned by Facebook). The cryptocurrency marketplace is still in its infancy, and the wallet heists have been far too frequent for my liking. 08/14/2020
NanoVMs A promising idea to protect valuable digital assets from malicious actors. The funding from USAF adds credibility and opportunity to expand into the government sector. Additionally, as the financial sector expands their cloud adoption, unauthorized access to sensitive data will be a key concern. I foresee NanoVM products catering to the need of a secure technology infrastructure in the near future. 08/14/2020
GoBe In love with this product. I wish there was something like this when my kids were young. I could really picture myself back in time passing snacks to the kids during our roadtrips. OMG, such a mess! Also, I think the kids could get more entertained and excited with eating if they got to be playing with the button and spinning the container. I like the specifications of the product because The GoBe is BPA and PVC free and lid has a leak-proof seal around the rim. In a little more than a week you already raised $60,000! Wow, super impressive! I am very excited to be an investor! 08/14/2020
GrapeStars I had an interesting experience reviewing and considering this company. When I understood their business, I was not very impressed. Maybe because I am not a big fan myself of any celebrity, so of course I don't even know what kind of products they sponsor and promote.Therefore, I didn't see much potential in this company. However, watching Kevin Harrington explaining his view on GrapeStars, completely changed my mind. His reasoning is very strong and optimistic. Besides being an expert in investing and a marketing guru, as he even describe himself (hahaha), he decided to invest in the company. This means a lot! From his video I can only see the benefit now: easier customer acquisition compared to other ecommerces because of celebrities bringing their fan-bases; low operations cost because they don't carry inventory; and lastly, a huge growing opportunity by including all other products that celebrities have like perfumes and clothing. 08/14/2020
Charles & Company I have a concern regarding investing in a company that seems to rely so heavily on the retail and travel industries. Now with Covid-19, social distancing will continue to impact businesses in those sectors and the company mentioned that their customers (restaurants, cruiselines) may not open for a while. I would be keen on hearing what strategy they would adopt to mitigate that. 08/14/2020
Do Only Good I want the best for my dogs because they are part of my family. What they eat affect their health, just like with us. With this product my dogs can get variety of nutrients and I can be less concerned about them developing cancer, something that unfortunately became very common with commercial dog foods. With D.O.G.’s I see good people behind a good opportunity. Excited to see this business go to the next level! 08/14/2020
PittMoss Every spring and summer I spend my free time gardening in my back yard and ever since I started using their potting mix I noticed my plants really grow faster and stronger This is a great product and solution to the environment. I felt in love with the philosophy of PittMoss. I think we should be investing and purchasing from this type of initiatives that helps to reduce carbon emissions. 08/14/2020
Quadrant Biosciences Inc I invested because I am a healthcare professional who can see the huge benefit of more advanced testing. I invested because I went through all the paper work and videos available so far, and noticed potential within Quadrant Biosciences. I might increase my stake in the future depending on the messages that we get quarterly as a group concerning progression. I hope I am right about the company and that I can be part of this revolution in health industry. 08/14/2020
Do Only Good It's been years that the pet industry is craving for innovation. The need for higher quality products for pets is real and has been growing sharply over the past decade. So, I think the company is investing in a promising field and with the right marketing and funding, they will be able to scale up pretty fast. 08/13/2020
G-Cloud I think it's a safe bet to invest in cloud computing. There is no going back in terms of storage for individuals and companies and more and more services are being created based on this new technology. 08/10/2020
Brightest I invest in people who I admire, respect and trust. I am a major supporter of social entrepreneurship and environmental sustainability and the world could benefit from a lot more of it right now. I really hope they reach their investment goal. 08/08/2020
3DHoudini It seems like a solid investment because the company is backed by a professional Venture Capital Firm and has growing revenues. 08/07/2020
Cornbread Hemp I invested on Cornbread Hemp because I believe they have a strong brand and solid founding team with trusted expertise. I believe these products will gain traction in the future as an alternative to conventional medication and I like the company's business plan. 08/07/2020
Blue As an active investor in promising startups, I prioritize a company's risk profile assessment. I am genuinely concerned about the safety of their network from potential hackers. Blue's software manages and stores various proprietary information and sensitive/confidential data relating to its operations and carries a massive risk of infiltration from sophisticated malware. At this point, I am not sure if the company is ready to face such massive issues. Also, this industry is fairly new. We don't even know if people will take up this new trend of exchanging social media data without any contact. It leaves no place for privacy. 05/06/2020
Axle Ai I have a highly positive sentiment towards this company given their 10-15% projected top-line growth and incredible historical margins in the 90% range. Although I think the margins have already peaked, it is still definitely an amazing start. Also, their business model is subscription-based, allowing stable future cash-flows. The company has been growing by providing professional services and SaaS subscription services. I think this company deserves financing and they will have much more value to offer in the future. 05/06/2020
Private: Sienna Sauce I loved their product! Founders seem great too! It has a good potential to grow. 05/05/2020
Private: Salsa God This is my third investment. It captured my interest. Especially pleased to see they already have clients and are expanding to other parts of the country, love the display and packaging! Salsa God seems to have proven they have what it takes. When you look at the partners they have onboard and they are in stores, why not choose Salsa God. I am excited, and cannot wait for their growth!! 04/28/2020
Hylete, Inc. The digital fitness ecosystem initiatives started in early 2017 rings as their strength in the new world of fitness: “The new landscape of fitness will emphasize workouts at home while maintaining social connectivity.” The company will launch the new Circuit Training app in a few weeks, adding to their library of On-Demand circuits. They will unveil the trainHYLETE membership next month, with the aim of generating more predictable revenue. HYLETE Inc. is in talks with its partner factories to explore the production of face masks that the CDC has now recommended the population use to help combat Coronavirus transmission. 04/28/2020
Flower Turbines Flower Turbines is an amazing investment opportunity for ESG investing. The company focuses on creating small wind turbines with the goal of making them the foundation of a large global renewable energy company. It has made technological improvements to past small turbine models, creating turbines with less turbulence, more efficiency, and a more aesthetically pleasing design. The company's features are incredible: the turbines also have a cluster effect that causes one turbine to make its neighbor perform better. This forms their main competitive advantage, Flower Turbines can be used in places where space is limited - close to people, buildings, and parking lot, and can be used in conjunction with solar energy panels. Any other thoughts? 04/28/2020
R3 Printing It sounds like R3 is solving many cost barrier problems that limit profitable outcomes for manufacturers. Also, they are faster, less problematic, and are more flexible in font size. The improvements to 3D printing technology introduced by R3 are significant and impressive, and the opportunity to capture market share is substantial, so I am positive that this investment will be worth a shot. 04/28/2020
GoSun I have been following GoSun for some time now and they are doing an incredible job by developing a portable grilling stove that is designed to cook food on solar energy. The company is the first to apply vacuum insulation over a cooking chamber, either with sunlight or traditional fuels, such as electricity. The first product to use the breakthrough has recently shipped to about 1,000 customers. The hybrid-electric oven consumes one-tenth of the power of a traditional oven and enables off-grid cooking with electricity to be practical for the first time. Utility patents surrounding the oven applications provide coverage in the US and in China. GoSun can be found online at major retail chains such as HomeDepot, Walmart, or Bed Bath and Beyond. They are working on a strategy to bring it to actual store shelves with retailers such as REI or Bass Pro in the outdoor market as a primary focus. 04/28/2020
Private: Bounty0x I think you guys can make a difference with your plan. You seem tenacious. My investment, however small, is a show of good faith and belief in you! 04/22/2020
Private: Bounty0x An innovative way to earn crypto caught my attention! The simple structure pairs nicely with a modern world. Can’t wait to see them grow. 04/22/2020
Private: Bounty0x I invested because it seems as though Cryptocurrencies are the future. Recognizing that Trust is most important when dealing with money, BountyOx seems like they will provide a familiar platform for everyone online. This seems big to me. 04/22/2020
Althea Hello, it's great to see a project that pushes forward decentralized access to the Internet amid discussions of net neutrality and ISP censorship. 04/21/2020
Hylete, Inc. This is very good 04/14/2020
R3 Printing This is awesome 04/14/2020
*FANview Sports FANview Sports is a great way for fans 02/12/2020
*FANview Sports It is a good company. I believe it has a good potential to increase profits and grow its market 02/12/2020 The main idea I believe is to have users learn how to create a DNA wallet and register their DNA kits (and many other personal stuff) using Blockchain by themselves to claim ownership and trace corresponding data. (IOT, Logistics, Finance...Most valuable things for humans will be traceable using blockchains). What 23andme did (or similar companies) was to genotype your DNA, usually 700,000 SNPs, (<0.02%) the real thing will come with your complete DNA sequence that can reveal your exome (transcriptome) and your DNA Methylation (cellular aging in realtime). These datasets can weigh up to 200Gigs. The platform will also be ready for Microbiome data as well. Soon, you’ll even be able to sequence your own DNA at home using a portable sequencer, like Oxford Nanopore MinION, but still, you’ll need a digital repository (virtual machine) to run exploratory algorithms over it with privacy (enclave). can be the preferred privacy-preserving DNA platform. 02/11/2020
H&G Science Record numbers of generic drugs for cancer have been approved in the U.S. in recent years, potentially in the hope of reducing drug prices through competition. According to the Trump administration, the number of generic approvals (not just those for cancer) has set records each of the past three fiscal years. However, the two challenges remain, as generic launches are low comparing to the optimistic approval numbers. Less than two-thirds of generic drugs approved between 2016 and 2018, or 1,249 of the copies, were launched into the market, according to Iqvia. There are countless potential reasons behind the phenomenon. One of the most common and feasible explanation is that the pre-existing giants in the market, who spent millions and billions in R&D, have been enjoying their harvest and blocking the new entries. It makes sense, for although the pie is large, no one would forfeit a greater share. As Jared S. Hopkins summarized, “Brand-name makers’ patent action limits release of the lower-price medicines, hindering cost-control efforts.” Chip Davis describes that the brand-name drug companies are playing “patent games to protect profits and prevent competition.” This is done mainly with legislative means, creating numerous drug-parent disputes. Drug patents conventionally last for 20 years, while the reality is much more complex. Patent owning companies often request extension for their patents through delayed-approval-compensation (Hatch-Waxman Act), requesting for new patents after minorly improving the existing ones, and other complex gimmicks. Moreover, they can play around with secondary patents that cover a drug’s formulation and delivery instead of active ingredients. Besides, these patent owners sometimes form protocols with new entries, which may pose threats to their products. For example, ABC, an existing drug company in the market, may compensate XYZ, a new entry that just received FDA-approval for drug targeting the same illness as ABC, in return for delayed entry — presented with capital demand after R&D and uncertainty in profit if launches, XYZ may agree to the terms. The situation enables drug companies to squeeze cash from patients, and fortunately, for the later, FDA is aware. There have been attempts, through law and regulation implementation, to weaken drug patents without discouraging medical research advancement. Besides, considering prompt entry is a known solution to lowering drug prices, it should be reasonable to assume that there might be new actions from the government to encourage launches of novel and generic drugs, especially in the anticancer sector, where the most expensive life-saving drugs are. In this case, H&G Science might be able to ride the tide. 01/06/2020
Creative Houston, a Public Benefit Corp Creative Houston is a great public benefit company who is going to grow amazingly in the next year 08/04/2019
Domestic Brands I believe this company is going to explode 07/29/2019
Rayton Solar I believe Rayton Solar has a good potential to control the Solar market 06/26/2019
Private: Zenspace Inc I think this is a great investment opportunity 02/09/2019
2020 GeneSystems 20/20 Gene Systems has a huge potential in my view. The concept is amazing and it is just a matter of time until they fully monetize on it. Their projections should be bullish and they should have a leading role in the industry. 01/18/2019