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We really are about investing together. So we’ve made it easy to connect with fellow investors so you can  tap into unlimited industry knowledge. Our website allows you to see who invests in which offers and engage those who are attracted to similar companies. Over time, you can expand your network and connect with like-minded investors to trade ideas and experiences openly and transparently. As you continue to engage with the community, you’ll begin to climb through our three-tier status program and unlock unique privileges. With Crowdfundingfinder’s one-of-a-kind investor network, you’re able to learn and grow as an investor with every new investment and each new connection you make.


Investment Cafe

Investment Cafe is a forum that will be utilized to discuss and collaborate on security crowdfunding issues such as: performance, reviews and individual companies.  Feel free to connect with the participants as well, for a greater experience on Crowdfundingfinder.com

 Investment Network

Here you can meet fellow CrowdFunding Finder investors and connect. Leverage your social network to gain more knowledge and improve your probability of success. Get rigorous vetting from our community’s experience and expertise and make friends along the way.

 The Board 

Here you can message fellow members in the network




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