✨ 5 new companies, 6 closing soon

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We’ve got 5 new startups for you to check out this week, from innovative marketplaces to pizzas topped with soul food. It’s also the last chance to invest in 6 startups that are closing soon.

Bonus: Scroll down to the ‘Tidbit of the Week’ section for tips on finding founders that excite you (from the creator of Gmail)


Toffee.com – The eBay for digital goods.
• 3.3K+ users and 3.6K+ marketplace listings created.
• $28.5K+ in gross merchandise value and 175K listing views in past year, with no marketing spend.

HotelierCo – First crowdsourced hotel fund management company.
• Founders have managed over $2.6B of hotel real estate.
• Improving profitability with up to 25% reduced room costs.

goimagine – The world’s first marketplace donating 100% profits to charity.
• 1.4K+ new shops launched in 2020; hits profitability at 5K shops (in 16 months).
• By 2024, ecommerce sales in US projected to grow 34% from $794B to $1.2T.

GameSense Sports – Brain training technology for athletes everywhere.
• Users include pro teams, college teams, travel teams, and 1000s of individual players.
• $33B global market with 100s of millions of core users.

Soul Slice – Soul food on a biscuit crust pizza.
• $8.2B gourmet pizza market proven to be pandemic-proof.
• B Corp offering employees profit-sharing and ownership.

Close to Goal

Stay Clean 91%
Cloud-based telemedicine for addiction treatment.

The Co-Own Company 86%
Changing the future of urban home ownership.

BrainScanology 72%
Faster diagnosis and risk score for brain diseases.

Most Raised This Week

Envel – Building the world’s smartest bank account.

Pencilish Animation Studios – Crowd-owned animation studio by Disney alums.

Navisyo – Connecting boat owners with travelers around the globe.

Ad Fontes Media – Rating news reliability and bias.

Vampr – Live streaming for the world’s largest professional network for creatives.

Closing Soon

Apotheka – Making electronic medical records more secure.
CoPeace – Grow your money for good.
Fan Owned Club – Giving all soccer fans the opportunity to own part of a European club.
Follow Her: A Thriller Film – Social media horror movie from Emmy award-winning filmmakers.
Ad Fontes Media – Rating news reliability and bias.
Wingspan Health – World’s first robo-advisor for your health.


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