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We’re bringing you 7 shiny new startups this week, including tires that never go flat, packaging that shuns single-use plastic, and a robot that does your cooking

Plus a bunch of companies close to hitting their goal – could you be the one to take them over the finish line? ♂‍


The SMART Tire Company – Space-age tires that never go flat.
• 12+ years research and $10M+ invested in the technology, originally designed for Mars rover missions.
• Strategic partnership & collaborations with Felt Bicycles and Spin Mobility (Ford Motor Company).

LimeLoop – Reusable packaging with with built-in smart technology.
• 10x growth since 2020, with 90% engagement rate – consumer retention rate as high as 100% for some brands.
• Advisory board includes industry leaders at Lyft, Target, and Google.

Jivati – 100% plant-based and multi-functional beverages.
• Portfolio of beverages includes hard seltzers which are projected to grow 35%+ in 3 years.
• Advisory board with former VPs of Coca-Cola and Pepsi, and a successful CPG entrepreneur.

Starwalker Industries – Local bottled water distribution, manufacturing, and recycling.
• Producing 32M 3 liter water bottles at a gross margin of $0.80 per bottle.
• Closed-loop recycling system to reduce plastic waste in local communities; pay 25¢ for each bottle returned.

SueChef – Kitchen robot and AI allowing hands-off, remote, freezer-to-oven cooking.
• Strong consumer demand demonstrated by surveys of 550+ individuals.
• Using SueChef twice a week instead of eating out could save consumers over $500 a year.

Mainstem Malt – High integrity malt supply chains for brewers, distillers, and fans.
• Selling the #1 non-water ingredient in craft beer ($29B+ US market) and single malt whiskey.
• $1.08M+ lifetime malt sales with 63+ accounts nationally. ~$500k contracted 2021 sales and growing.

Canine Biologics – Nutrition for dogs battling cancer.
• 6 consecutive months of positive revenue growth from November 2020 through April 2021.
• Experienced team includes PhD veterinarians with expertise in nutrition and cancer care.

Closing Soon

Everydae – Building AI to give everyone in the world their own digital tutor.
Fort Defiance – Beloved Brooklyn restaurant relocating and expanding into a grocery and general store.

Close to Goal

99% Flexible capital for entrepreneurs, more reliable returns for investors.

Quioveo Energy 97%
Access to renewable energy for all.

Zero Carbon Inc 96%
Breakthrough technology converting waste streams into clean energy.

Kunduz 96%
Instant help from expert tutors – faster, more interactive, cheaper than Chegg.

Canine Biologics 84%
Nutrition for dogs battling cancer.

Red Hat Coffee 82%
Uniquely flavored, vegan friendly, ready-to-drink oat milk lattes.

Gigs Live 76%
The Substack for premium video creators.

Univoice 74%
Teaching the world languages through music.

Çava Health 74%
The smartest toilet seat ever created: personal hygiene meets health monitoring.

4th Ave Market 73%
Reinventing retail for the conscious consumer.

Most Raised This Week

CurlMix – Clean beauty made simple.

NYCE – Own real estate for $100. “Robinhood of real estate.” – Yahoo Finance.

Starwalker Industries – Local bottled water distribution, manufacturing, and recycling.

VBit DC – Better, smarter and greener bitcoin mining.

Chisos – Flexible capital for entrepreneurs, more reliable returns for investors.


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