➡️ 5 screens in Times Square & a $136 billion market

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eBumps has found an intersection of two advertising problems. By allowing vehicles to mount a 21 inch LCD screen on the side of their car, drivers have the opportunity to be compensated for their everyday driving. eBumps will be something advertisers flock to, as they are now presented with geo-targeted advertising possibilities in the OOH space that allows for ROI tracking among other metrics currently only seen in the digital space.


Deal Highlights

$500,000 raised to date (less than 1 year)
Five LCD screens are already displayed in Times Square NYC in ‘the heart of the world’ on 46th and Broadway
Deploying 20 additional screens to drivers around NYC who have already signed up and been approved.
100+ drivers signed up to drive in NYC alone
Signed a Letter of Intent with an international investment group who is hoping to help them expand internationally in sections of the Asian Market.
Generated revenue based on Ad Plays on the eBumps system.

According to IBIS, Statista and eMarketer, the US Advertising market is a $263 billion annual market – with $8.6 billion spent annually in the US Billboard and Outdoor advertising submarkets, and $181 million spent annually in the Digital OOH advertising submarket. Also, according to statista US Digital Advertising spend is $130 billion annually.


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