➡️ Backed by BDC capital, MustWatch is already 25% funded

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⬇️ MustWatch is more than 25% Funded⬇️

$38k+ raised I $2.14 min. investment I 100+ investors

The MustWatch app keeps you in the loop about everything TV, with your taste and your friends’ taste in mind. Users can share personalized show recommendations with friends, create a curated watch-list, see what friends are watching, and view cross-platform information such as upcoming releases, cancellations, network changes, and news. MustWatch will provide the $43 billion global streaming market a product that leverages user insights across multiple streaming platforms, so studios and streaming services can keep making those “must watch” shows.

Deal Highlights
Recently launched in the iOS App Store – head over and download the app!

The MustWatch app has a 5 star rating in the App Store

Experienced, diverse, multidisciplinary team with expertise in UI & app design, analytics, finance, and business development

Backed by BDC Capital, a financial firm serving startups in New England

Television lovers are frustrated. Digitalsmiths found that, “almost 2 in 3 adults feel frustrated either sometimes (54.1%) or always (11.8%) when trying to find something to watch on TV.” And according to a survey conducted by TiVo, “almost half of all respondents are looking for an improved guide to help them find content across all available TV sources.” MustWatch’s crowd-sourced, customized, cross-platform viewing recommendations present a simple way to ease these common frustrations.


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