⭐️ 8 new companies, 10 closing soon

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We launched 8 new companies this week – from digital tutors to nuclear fusion generators; super speedy internet to a female-founded feature film.

Plus, check out our Tip of the Week on how to test a company’s ‘moat’ (no drawbridges involved).


Dine.Direct – Helping restaurants thrive through the future of dining.
• 60%+ month-over-month growth for the last 6 months.
• $160B market. Giving control of online ordering back to restaurants and the communities they serve.

Sizigi – Building the best digital platform for job seekers.
• 5,000+ users in pilot program.
• Partnerships with global companies including IBM and Qualcomm, relationships with 50+ universities worldwide.

OptiPulse – Transforming communications at the speed of light.
• Developing low-cost, quick installation, high-speed solution for increased broadband demand.
• 8 issued patents, 6 provisional patents and multiple foreign filings.

Everydae – Giving everyone in the world their own digital tutor.
• 91% of trials convert into paid subscriptions.
• CEO was named one of the Top 36 Most Creative Women by Business Insider.

Moxey – FinTech network helping local economies grow and businesses thrive.
• Already used by 4,000+ businesses in 16 cities across 4 states.
• $175M in sales of local goods and services across the Moxey network.

Awaken Her – Psychological thriller about body dysmorphia in women and patriarchal foes.
• Writer/Director has acted in Blue Bloods, Shades of Blue, FBI Most Wanted, Odd Mom Out, Blacklist.
• Producer has delivered projects to Sony Classic, Paramount, National Geographic, PBS and more.

LPPFusion – Cheap, safe, clean, unlimited and decentralized energy.
• Highest fusion energy output per unit energy input of any private fusion experiment, more than 1000x the closest competitor.
• Patents issued in the U.S., China, Australia, Canada, and the EU, pending in India.

evrmore – Digital wellness app using emotion AI for underserved youth.
• 30K users, 583% user growth per month.
• Headstream Accelerator 2021 Finalist with support from Melinda Gates’ Pivotal Ventures.

Close to Goal

Sircles  93%
The social recommendations app designed to destroy Yelp.

Sizigi  90%
Building the best digital platform for job seekers.

Doselva PBC  83%
Spices for impact, grown in regenerative forests.

James Bay Distillers  73%
Producing world-class, gold-medal award-winning whiskies and gins.

OptiPulse  72%
Transforming communications at the speed of light.

WayOut Kids  70%
Educational and entertaining content for kids.

Most Raised This Week

InnaMed – At-home blood testing enabling personalized medicine.

Everydae – Giving everyone in the world their own digital tutor.

Heroic – Social platform that optimizes wellbeing.

StackSource – Simplifying commercial real estate investing.

LPPFusion – Cheap, safe, clean, unlimited and decentralized energy.


Closing Soon

Deep End Fitness – Underwater sport and fitness training, created by Ex-Special Operations Marines.

Swingman Thoroughbred – Join the thrill of thoroughbred ownership.

Our Mayberry – World’s first cause-driven commerce platform.

SmartGurlz – Award-winning robotics and e-learning.

ASTRALABS – The global portfolio of startups.

Co-Own Company – Changing the future of urban home ownership.

Caribbean Smooth Ou-Oui – Premium liqueur breaking tradition.

GameSense Sports Inc. – The future of sports training.

Pit Liquor – Natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant.

Viroment Equity – High-tech, sustainable barns.


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