๐ŸŽ‰ Five years down, forever to go โ€” a letter from Republic

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The investing revolution has come a long way.

On May 16th, 2016, Title III of the JOBS Act came into effect and Regulation Crowdfunding became a long-awaited way for everyday people to invest in the private companies they believe in. Now, five years later, Reg CF has been with us long enough to mature, and long enough for startups, investors, and VCs to see its value.
At face value, Regulation Crowdfunding is a new investment landscape that lets anyone participate in opportunities that only institutional investors, venture capitalists and accredited investors previously had access to.

At Republic, we believe that this new kind of investing is much more powerful than that.
We believe:
โ€ข Investing is for everyone.
โ€ข Funding is for everyone.
โ€ข Seeing returns on investment is for everyone.

The momentum and power of retail investors is now unstoppable and undeniable.
(Returns on investment aren’t guaranteed but we believe anyone should be given the opportunity to make them.)
The evolution of an investing movement.
In all of 2016, the Republic platform hosted 5 Reg CF offerings. In 2021, we expect to host 250 CF offerings. The community at Republic has grown from just a few of our faithful friends and teammates to over one million individuals who want to take investing into their own hands.
In March 2021 alone, when the limit for CF campaigns went up to $5 million, we were proud to host the first two offerings to reach that new milestone. Gumroad and Backstage Capital received investment commitments totaling over $10M on Republic, while investors across all retail investing platforms committed $57 million dollars to entrepreneurs across the country.
Not only are companies raising capital, but many are going on to raise more from VCs. Republic alumni like Ember Fund, Alto IRA, and Fleeting have all recently raised up rounds.
Itโ€™s more than just numbers. Itโ€™s community.
Founders like Sahil from Gumroad could have raised every penny from VC funding if he wanted but instead raised $5 million from 7,303 investors because, โ€œthe upside of having your customers as your investors is too good to pass up.โ€
The crowd can provide capital for a revolutionary technology in an industry that doesn’t see much venture backing, or for founders who are often left out of VC funding.
The power is back in the hands of the people and as a result, the community is vibrant and excited about investing in the future.
Five years down, forever to go.
Five years have passed, hundreds of millions have been invested, hundreds of companies funded, and one million community members are here.
Five years down, and our commitment is stronger than ever. We are ready for the future and we want to thank you for being part of the investing revolution.


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