👯‍♀️ Randi Zuckerberg joins Republic, what’s hot in crypto, and Women’s History Month

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Randi Zuckerberg joins Republic

Randi Zuckerberg joins the Republic family this week as our new advisor + investor on the platform. As an advisor, Randi will evangelize crypto, expand our startup network, and provide marketing mentorship to Republic and our companies.
Some highlights from Randi’s career include:
• CEO of Zuckerberg Media
• Investor in 50+ startups
• Radio host and author of multiple best-sellers
• Early employee at Facebook, best known for creating Facebook Live
Randi’s Investment Thesis
“The best time to start investing was 10 years ago; the second-best time is today. This is one of the reasons why I love equity crowdfunding. Gone are the days that you need to be writing $50,000 checks – for $100 you can be an angel investor. There’s really no reason we can’t all just get started today.”
Invest in Women-Founded Companies

Why invest in women? I’m glad you asked.
• 40% of US businesses are women-owned
• 51% of private wealth is held by women
• Private tech companies led by women achieve 35% higher ROI
• Only 6% of VC funding goes to women-only teams (13% to women/male teams)
We’re featuring female founders this month—here are the 6 offerings closing soonest:
• AKUA is an alt-meat company making plant-based foods using regenerative aquaculture. Their Kelp Jerky won Time’s Best Invention and Fast Company’s World Changing Idea.
• COI Energy is a digital energy platform that detects, eliminates, and monetizes energy waste. Already used by big names like Citi, US Foods, TECO, and NY Power Authority.
• Dope Dog makes an innovative hemp product used to reduce anxiety in pets, featured in Oprah’s “O-list.” They saw a 187% increase in their gross revenue in 2019.
• Lil Bucks is making American-grown buckwheat snacks and breakfast cereals. They quadrupled revenue from 2019 to 2020 and are in 100+ retailers, including Whole Foods, Foxtrot, & Erewhon.
• Po Campo is a line of bags made for easy mobility on bikes and scooters. They have a gross profit margin of 73.3% with a projected revenue of $20M by 2023. Find them at REI + Amazon.
• Village Juice Co is a plant-forward, quick-serve restaurant. They have a license agreement with a billion-dollar company on college campuses and projected revenue of $14MM by 2024.
What’s Hot in Cryto: NFTs are on fire
ICYMI: An NFT is a non-fungible token. NFTs are a new way to buy, sell, and trade items such as digital sports cards and other collectibles. They’re digitally scarce, unique, and can serve as a certificate of authenticity.
Why does it matter? NFTs are making huge $$ right now. The prominent artist Beeple just sold his piece Crossroads for $6.6M, and has another auction at Christie’s currently at $3M and set to close on 3/11.
Another NFT seller, NBA Top Shot, is officially licensed by the NBA. Instead of collecting old paper baseball cards, the platform lets users collect moments. Slam dunks, wraparound passes, and 3-pointers are all for sale.
There’s no end to the NFT marketplace. Music, GIFs, and even cryptokitties from 2017 are up for sale. Recording artist 3LAU just sold 33 original tracks for $11.6M.
Anyone can technically create an NFT in this new ecosystem. They don’t always sell for millions, so before you go creating your own NFT, remember they’re only worth what someone will pay for them. (Republic’s own crypto-expert Graham proved that point by creating his own NFT that sold for…$0, but we still believe in him.)

Launched this week

Next generation asset-backed loans for Africa.

Aether Beauty
Disrupting the $500B beauty industry with clean+sustainable makeup that works

On-boarding the entire commercial real estate leasing process to the cloud.

Revolutionizing the $300B digital legacy industry with our all-in-one platform

Startup updates

Scooterson: A different Content Marketing approach: Storytelling.

Nickelytics: Nickelytics featured on Bold TV! How drivers can earn extra money with advertising

Salone Monet: Footwear News: How Salone Monet Is Fixing the Shoe Industry’s Nude Heel Problem

BAOBAB: Shopify Panel: BAOBAB Co-founder invited to speak on Shopify’s Merchant Milestones series for BHM!

illumnus: illumnus in Semi-Finals of Meet the Drapers!

Sunscoop: Sunscoop on Meet The Drapers this Saturday Feb 27th!

DigiBuild: DigiBuild Customer Traction-Subcontractor Sprayline Hospitality

BuildStream: We’re hosting a webinar for Republic investors, come join us!


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