๐Ÿ’ก 1 new company, 3 closing soon

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This week’s new startup connects commerce, charities and community all on one platform. Check it out!

It’s also your final call to invest in artificial wombs, next-level activewear and unbiased job-matching software.


Our Mayberry โ€“ Worldโ€™s first cause-based ecommerce platform.
โ€ข Fintech system enabling every type of purchase for any product or service; each purchase results in a charitable contribution.
โ€ข COVID-19 crisis has highlighted value proposition for struggling small businesses and charities.

Closing Soon

Ghost Flower โ€“ World’s only activewear with the body’s energy network
woven in.

ThisWay Global โ€“ Matching people to jobs, without bias.

Amnion Life โ€“ Innovative medical devices for preterm infants; building an artificial womb.

Close to Goal

audiobridge 94%
Next-gen AI music app: recording and collaboration for everyone.

Our Mayberry 92%
Worldโ€™s first cause-based ecommerce platform.

This Land 89%
The latest film from Sundance and SXSW winner Jim Cummings.

PDX FC 84%
Own part of a rapidly growing American soccer team.

LockedBrands 77%
Smart lockbox systems making communities and households safer.

AlwaysNear TeleHealth 76%
Happier, healthier and more affordable care for seniors.

DIEMlife 70%
Platform helping organizations manage communities and events.

Most Raised This Week

ReGrained โ€“ Food upcycling technology, ingredient platform and packaged foods innovator.

Smart Tire Recycling โ€“ Turning waste products into a lucrative commodity.

FuelGems โ€“ New fuel additive making fuel cleaner and more efficient.

VirZOOM โ€“ The future of fitness on Facebook’s Oculus store.

Neighborhood Sun โ€“ Community-shared solar: making clean energy accessible to everyone.


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