๐Ÿ’ก 5 new companies, 10 closing soon

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We’ve got an eclectic mix of new companies this week; from electric motorbikes, to a merch marketplace, to bone-strengthening tech

Itโ€™s also the final few days to invest in 10 companies that can help you customize your cooking, train your dog, divorce with less stress, and more! Check them out below.


Volcon โ€“ The world’s first all-electric outdoor powersports company.
โ€ข Patented motors produce 2x the torque in 1/2 the size of other motor brands.
โ€ข Team background in tech, Nasdaq-listed electric vehicles, powersports, engineering and more.

Doodeo โ€“ LinkedIn for entertainers.
โ€ข Advisors from Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Forbes Tech Council.
โ€ข Global market expected to reach a value of over $314B by 2022.

OsNovum โ€“ Improving skeletal health to increase lifespan and quality of life.
โ€ข Applying patented, FDA-approved technology to increase bone strength.
โ€ข Osteoporosis costs the U.S economy $94B per year.

hobbyDB โ€“ Marketplace for the $450B fan merch market.
โ€ข CEO ran the worldโ€™s largest set of collector forums and founded the biggest eBay business in Europe with $40M gross merchandise value.
โ€ข Raised over $4M from Producer Adam Goldberg, Techstars, angel investors and fans.

El Condor โ€“ Sustainable coffee roaster, cafe, and lifestyle brand.
โ€ข Team has 30+ years of experience in the real estate, hospitality and food business.
โ€ข Committed to sustainability, fair trade, seasonal sourcing and coffee education.

Close to Goal

Follow Her: A Thriller Filmย  84%
New social media horror movie from Emmy award-winning filmmakers.

33 Days Filmย  70%
The story of a man bringing hope to San Francisco’s homeless.

Most Raised This Week

Volcon โ€“ The world’s first all-electric outdoor powersports company.

Solstar Space Company โ€“ First internet service provider in space.

Digital Brands Group โ€“ Portfolio of high-growth, digital first apparel brands.

Bee Mortgage App โ€“ AI-powered app making mortgages effortless.

Future Proof / Beat Box โ€“ Brand new beverage brands for the next generation of drinkers.

Closing Soon

Smart Tire Recycling โ€“ Turning waste products into a lucrative commodity.

BlissDivorce โ€“ Reach a divorce agreement without the time, cost and conflict of attorneys.

Sniffy Labs โ€“ Digital dog trainer making professional dog training accessible and easy.

3 Some Chocolates โ€“ It’s not just chocolate โ€” it’s an experience!

Manna โ€“ Ultimate recipe app, digital kitchen tool and cooking community.

Ron Artesano โ€“ Handmade rum from the mountains of Puerto Rico.

festivalPass โ€“ First event subscription marketplace across music, film, food and wine.

Quorum X Diagnostics โ€“ The first 15-minute at-home antigen test for COVID.


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