๐Ÿ’ฅ 5 new companies, 6 closing soon from WeFunder

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Our new companies this week center on community, sustainability and social impact: from healthcare, to non-profit donation, to renewable energy and even spirits!

Plus, this is your last chance to invest in 6 incredible companies spanning horseracing, radio, metal trading and more.

Featured Startup ๏ธ

Legion M โ€” The world’s first fan-owned entertainment company.
โ€ข One of the most successful companies in JOBS Act history with over $10M raised & 25,000+ investors.
โ€ข Projects with Kevin Smith, Stan Lee, Nicolas Cage, Anne Hathaway, Dean Devlin, and more.
โ€ข Fans get backstage access to livestreams/Q&As/etc, plus chances to win set visits and premier tickets.

Legion M’s ultimate goal is uniting 1 million fans as company shareholders, and their apps like Film Scout and M-Pulse give investors an unprecedented voice in decisions. For this round, they’re re-allocating money that would usually be spent on digital ads towards rewards for investors.


Harmony Turbines โ€“ The future of residential wind power.
โ€ข Patented technology gives better ROI than competitors’ models.
โ€ข Affordable, quiet, easily maintained, and completely safe for wildlife.
LockedBrands โ€“ Smart lockbox systems making communities and households safer.
โ€ข A real solution to the opioid and prescription drug abuse epidemic, reaching a market of over 58 million Americans.
โ€ข Team of senior tech leaders, doctors, and entrepreneurs with 120 years combined relevant experience.
TaskCause โ€“ Bringing people together to support shared causes.
โ€ข Decentralizes corporate giving by allowing people to choose which non-profit to donate to.
โ€ข Connects users with local and affordable help from people in their community.
HealtheMed โ€“ Improving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable people.
โ€ข Contract with the Minnesota Medicaid program targeting 77,000 potential subscribers; market value of $280M in annual revenue.
โ€ข Exclusive contract with MMCAP Infuse, who will market HealtheMed to its 12,000 institutional customers in 50 states.
KOKORO Spirits โ€“ Premium spirits promoting sustainability and community.
โ€ข 1st product is an award-winning tequila with back-to-back gold medals from San Francisco World Spirits Competition.
โ€ข California Benefit Corporation, Pending B Corp, and member of 1% for the Planet.

Closing Soon

Brightest โ€“ Social impact software for businesses and non-profits.

Mindcurrent โ€“ AI that predicts performance and reduces stress.

Robovet โ€“ Revolutionary new imaging and robotic technology for pets.

Scrap Connection / Tradefox โ€“ Trusted platform for the global trade of recycled materials.

nedl โ€“ Have your own live radio show โ€” in seconds!

Annestes Thoroughbreds โ€“ Join the Kentucky Derby Dream with a strong portfolio of thoroughbreds.

Most Raised This Week

ThisWay Global โ€“ AI platform matching talent with jobs, without bias.

Yonder โ€“ The first nature travel platform that gives back.

Legion M โ€“ The world’s first fan-owned entertainment company.

KOKORO Spirits โ€“ Premium spirits promoting sustainability and community.

Fancy โ€“ Discover and shop premium products from brands worldwide.


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