๐Ÿ’ซ 3 new companies, 1 closing soon

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We launched 3 new startups this week, which are keeping seniors safe, streamlining security and making paying tolls painless.


BlueStar Senior Tech โ€“ Keeping seniors safe, healthy and connected.
โ€ข $2M in recurring revenue. EBITDA positive. 5000 customers.
โ€ข Veteran owned. Advisory board includes 14 Generals and Admirals.
Allthenticate โ€“ Use your smartphone to replace your passwords, keys, cards and more.
โ€ข CEO has PhD, MIT Lincoln Lab, IBM PhD Fellowship. CTO won 1st place in SpaceX Hyperloop Competition. COO won Techstar’s Startup Weekend.
โ€ข Patented technology eliminates entire classes of cyber attacks like phishing and card cloning.
GeoToll โ€“ Pay any toll with just your phone.
โ€ข 4 successful pilots with major US tolling agencies.
โ€ข CTO holds 80+ patents. Team has had several 8-figure business exits sold to multi-billion dollar companies.

Close to Goal

Sparrow Interactive94%
Creating a mobile game that disrupts the pay-to-win genre.

T4L (Transportation 4 Life)93%
All-inclusive Tesla and Nissan electric vehicle subscriptions.

Popcultivator Comics 89%
Fan-owned comic book studio with over $150M in sales.

Immortal Studios 74%
Creating the next Marvel with a martial arts fantasy universe of comics and more.

Quirkchat 72%
Social video, livestream and channel chat for geeks.

MOXI 71%
Fintech app for the gig economy.

Most Raised This Week

Vampr โ€“ The world’s largest professional network for creatives..

Solstar Space Company โ€“ First internet service provider in space.

Cleveland Whiskey Bond โ€“ Innovative, profitable and award-winning distillery.

Wind Harvest โ€“ Doubling the energy wind farms generate.

Envel โ€“ Building the world’s smartest bank account.

Closing Soon

Snake Oil Song โ€“ An exhilarating and existential murder mystery in the Amazon jungle.

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