๐Ÿ’ซ 7 new companies, 1 closing soon

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We’ve got new companies galore this week with 7 startups firing up the engines for their Wefunder campaigns.

There’s an app for getting the word out, social media to nerd out, and everything in between. Scroll on for smart boxes, unique liqueur, a-list video chats and more!


Sircles โ€“ The social recommendations app designed to destroy Yelp.
โ€ข Founders’ 3rd consecutive, successful multi-million dollar business.
โ€ข #1 Trending App on Kickstarter on launch day, maxed out beta-tester program in a matter of days.
Pav*r โ€“ Using your calendar data to help you get more done in less time.
โ€ข 1,000+ users in 20+ countries within the first 90 days.
โ€ข Founders are Google experts with 10+ years of experience integrating Googleโ€™s business tools.
Wildeye โ€“ Pay to talk with influencers via private video calls.
โ€ข Leveraging the network effect of millions of influencers promoting to 3.8 billion followers.
โ€ข CEO/CTO worked for Steve Jobs at NeXT and authored 10 technology patents.
Quirkchat โ€“ Social video, livestream and channel chat for geeks.
โ€ข 25,000+ monthly active users, ~$200K revenue since app launch.
โ€ข Partnerships with HBO and Warner Bros.
Caribbean Smooth Ou-Oui โ€“ Premium liqueur breaking tradition.
โ€ข Distribution secured in 8 U.S. and international markets for 2021.
โ€ข Pending partnership with MHW, the company that helped build Casamigos Tequila a $1B exit.
teleCalm โ€“ Phone service for Dementia helping seniors and caregivers.
โ€ข Proven solution serving over 1.5M phone calls from over 500 subscribers across 42 states.
โ€ข 97% satisfaction rating and NPS of 89/100.
Pendram โ€“ Portfolio of high-tech smart storage products.
โ€ข Women-founded. CEO leading the company has over 25 years of expertise in launching technology products.
โ€ข Unique “smart” product line based on core, patent-pending technology.

Closing Soon

Amnion Life โ€“ Innovative medical devices for preterm infants; building an artificial womb.

Close to Goal

Linkio 98%
Bringing companies and freelancers together in one simple app.

Our Mayberry 95%
Worldโ€™s first cause-based e-commerce platform.

LockedBrands 78%
Smart lockbox systems making communities and households safer.

DIEMlife 70%
Platform helping organizations manage communities and events.

Most Raised This Week

Pendram โ€“ Portfolio of high-tech smart storage products.

FuelGems โ€“ Nanotechnology fuel additive making fuel cleaner and more efficient.

Smart Tire Recycling โ€“ Turning waste products into a lucrative commodity.

Legion M โ€“ The world’s first fan-owned entertainment company.

teleCalm โ€“ Phone service for Dementia helping seniors and caregivers.


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