๐Ÿ’ซ 8 new companies, 2 closing soon from WeFunder

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Featured Startup ๏ธ

Vansanity โ€” Cloud Med Spas – Doctors and nurses rent medical workspace.
โ€ข Founder was C-level exec and on IPO of Shopping.com with Goldman and sale to eBay for ~$675 million.
โ€ข Large (~$12 billion) and fast-growing market segment (10%+ CAGR).

Vansanity satisfies a market need in the large and rapidly growing aesthetic medicine sector. Parallel to the ever-increasing demand for aesthetic services, is the increasing number of practitioners who wish to enter the market. Vansanity removes a significant barrier to entry for these practitioners, namely upfront capital expense.

Michael Tantillo
Founder, Clareo Aesthetics
Investing 100K this round



Copeace โ€“ Grow your money for good.
โ€ข $1.5M raised previously.
โ€ข Grow your money while supporting businesses achieving positive impact on society and the planet.

Makeba โ€“ Easier payments and remittances for emerging markets.

โ€ข Faster and 90% cheaper than competitors.
โ€ข Lead investor founded award-winning social payments application, sold to Airbnb in 2017.

InfiniteVR โ€“ A platform that connects people with future technologies such as VR, AR, and AI.
โ€ข $4.75M lifetime revenue.
โ€ข In 21 locations across 27 cities on 3 continents.

Element Apothec โ€“ Disruptive and Innovative CBD Body Care and Wellness Products Focused on Clean/Science.
โ€ข Launching 10+ experience-tested products.
โ€ข Huge market upside with an anticipated expansion to $22B with $3.5T total market reach and 240+ million new customers.

Where’s Rose Film โ€“ Thrilling social horror film starring Ty Simpkins (Insidious).
โ€ข Ty Simpkins (Insidious, Iron Man 3) has a proven track record of being in profitable genre films.
โ€ข Horror movies are the most profitable genre. (15% more than Comedies, 20% more than Dramas)

Basement Sports โ€“ Indoor game starter kit with a sports league app (baseball + others on the way).
โ€ข Tackling one of society’s greatest challenges – childhood (and adult) obesity. Getting kids active every day, while having fun.
โ€ข The global gaming market is worth $152B (2019), with 45% of that, $68.5 billion, coming directly from mobile games.

nฤ“dl (as in, “the haystack”) โ€“ Have your own live radio show โ€” in seconds!
โ€ข Founder created the company that built the original iHeartRadio app for Clear Channel in 2007.
โ€ข Winner of the National Association of Broadcasters/ Knight Foundation PILOT Innovation Challenge Award.

DIEMlife โ€“ Platform helping organizations manage communities and events.
โ€ข 5 enterprise customers with annual platform subscriptions, avg $4500 ARR from 4 universities.
โ€ข Angel investors: Spartan Race co-founder, 8 time Tony award winning producer, and former CEO of Citadel.

Closing Soon

PRIMARI Analytics โ€“ Why struggle working long hours? Just e-mail/text DAN, your AI Digital Employee for business tasks.

Curastory โ€“ The first platform where NCAA student athletes make money from video content.

Close to Goal

Radix Motion โ€“ Using immersive technology to let people connect in 3D even if they are apart.

Element Apothec โ€“ Disruptive and innovative CBD body care and wellness products focused on clean/science.

InfiniteVR โ€“ A platform that connects people with future technologies such as VR, AR, and AI.

Snake Oil Song โ€“ An exhilarating and existential murder mystery in the Amazon jungle.

Brightest โ€“ Social impact software for business & non-profits: high growth during COVID-19.

Most Raised This Week

GroGuru โ€“ Strategic irrigation management for the smart farm.

Fancy โ€“ Social marketplace to discover extraordinary lifestyle products.

Kingmakers Ops โ€“ Developing recession-resistant companies.

Ghost Flower โ€“ World’s only activewear with the body’s energy network woven in.

SapientX โ€“ A.I. software that gives a voice and intelligence to products.

Investor Webinars

Copeace โ€“ Grow your money for good.


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