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Dome Audio is the multi-patent pending holder of a proprietary bluetooth, surround sound, bone conduction, and dual fidelity headphones. They plan to use their technology, combined with great design, to revolutionize audio, fashion and branding in one unmistakable design.

Deal Highlights
Co-founded by NFL Super Bowl Champion Tim Wright
Logo licenses with Rutgers University and manufacturing partnership with VTech, one of the world’s largest suppliers of educational and communication devices
Headphone Industry: Global Revenue forecast to reach $18 Billion by 2023

Issuer Updates

Northstar Technologies Group was issued a letter of intent for the $2.2B Construction Project that will utilize Northstarโ€™s FRP Building systems and methods over the five year project. We are proud to be named as a crucial member of this world class sustainable project.

Transparent Path CEO Eric Weaver was on a panel alongside execs from Intel, Taqtile & Quaychain at the MIT Technology Review’s EmTech 2020 Conference. You can watch the panel here.

Defynance has been independently certified with a $2.3 Billion social impact potential. You can read the report here.

GenesisAI has brought on DataCrux as a supplier on their platform.DataCrux provides relevant AI tools/technology for businesses to be successful in the age of Data and AI.


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