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The new search function unlocks filters you haven’t seen before, including bootstrapped deals—which we’re highlighting today.
A round of applause for these founders, who got high traction with no outside funding. They’re doing it on their own, with no help from VCs, private equity, syndicates, consortiums, family offices, Softbank, or Daddy Warbucks. Invest to help them scale.

Predictiv: A platform that uses cutting-edge DNA sequencing and AI to attempt to predict and prevent genetic diseases. They can even simulate a person’s reaction to 300+ drugs. With two patents filed on their advanced genomics pipeline, and over 1,100 investors, this is your chance to get into Predictiv early.

Pickzen: The no-code guided-selling platform incubated by Google for Startups. Their no-code visual editor, design system, and rules engine is backed by former CEO of BBVA. With D2C clients like Jane Iredale, Supergoop!, Hungry Bark, and more, they saw 10x year-over-year revenue growth from 2019 to 2020.

whoelse.ai: A marketplace for voice assistants based on Chomsky’s universal grammar theory (fun fact: before he got into protest politics, Noam Chomsky was a leading linguist). The platform builds a network of connected voice AI technology so consumers don’t have to remember “Siri, Alexa, or Google.” Their business model is like adwords for voice and they’re projecting $15M+ by 2023.

Restflix: A science-backed streaming service revolutionizing the $64B sleep aid market. Featured on CNN, Rachael Ray, Entrepreneur, Good Morning America, they’re growing 20% month over month. They have a highly scalable subscription model with 30-40% profit margins.


Real-time updates from live deals

Spinster Sisters: Recognized by Whole Foods Market in the 2020 Supplier Awards, winning Supplier of the Year, Rocky Mountain Region.

GolfKicks: 4th-generation Traction Kits sold out, Golfkicks launches V5 with golf socks and shoe bags on golfkicks.com.

PittMoss: 5 new high-value customers in the Michigan market: Grow Gen, Ruhligs, Horrocks, Sun & Soil Hydro and Little Rapids.

Genius Juice: Officially launched into the Costco East Coast region on May 28th, including North East, North Atlantic, and Mid-Atlantic.

Irrigreen: Our funding round has been featured on Entrepreneur.com


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