๐Ÿ”ฅ 10 new companies, 4 closing soon

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Weโ€™ve got a bunch of new companies this week focused on treating people right; whether thatโ€™s taxi drivers, musicians or anyone feeling down. ๏ธ

Plus many more โ€“ including super-safe data storage, cost-effective cannabinoids, and the ultimate venue for your next virtual party

P.S. scroll to the bottom for an extra treat!


The Drivers Cooperative โ€“ Ridehailing platform owned by workers, not billionaires and venture capital.
โ€ข 3,000 drivers and 30K+ rider accounts in the app.
โ€ข Five-star rating in App and Playstores, clients include AOC and the NYC Board of Elections.

SelfDecode โ€“ On-demand AI doctor.
โ€ข 360% revenue growth from Q4 2019 to Q4 2020.
โ€ข 4.7 Trustpilot score, 98% retention rate, 64 Net Promoter Score in Q4 (and trending up).

PersonaFi โ€“ Social trading: safe, secure investment community.
โ€ข Organically built a proof of concept to 23,000+ users with a 90% engagement rate within a year.
โ€ข User base growing at 20% month-over-month.

Biomedican โ€“ Producing the highest quality cannabinoids at the lowest costs.
โ€ข 99% pharmaceutical grade, bio-organic, Non-GMO โ€“ and produced for 70-90% less than current wholesale prices.
โ€ข Featured in 70+ articles from Forbes, Bloomberg, Nasdaq, Reuters, Maxim, Rolling Stones and more.

Tocca โ€“ B2B company virtual spaces, customized by you.
โ€ข Orders up over 200% in Q2 over Q1 2021.
โ€ข Raised $2M with angels: Parker Harris (Salesforce) Kevin Ryan (Mongo DB) Nick Metha (Gainsight).

HearMe โ€“ Mental wellness platform combatting loneliness and enabling genuine human connection.
โ€ข 115,000+ downloads and 375,000+ Interactions โ€” 92% of users report feeling better after just one conversation.
โ€ข Current global mental health crisis has millions suffering from loneliness, anxiety, and depression in record numbers.

Brane โ€“ Using AI to democratize access to oil and gas profits.
โ€ข Massive oil and gas market opportunity, $525B spent annually in U.S.
โ€ข Founding team has 20+ years in oil and gas and building data-driven solutions.

Vocana โ€“ Platform for musicians to engage, activate and monetize their fanbase.
โ€ข Levelling the playing field for independent artists, allowing them to generate more revenue from their fanbase.
โ€ข Current streaming platforms underpay artists and don’t provide direct access to fans.

prep2grow โ€“ AI taking the work and stress out of investing.
โ€ข 61% month-over-month revenue increase.
โ€ข $575K+ annual recurring revenue and 8K+ subscriber in the first 12 months.

Xenolithaz โ€“ Store private data away from prying eyes and vulnerable tech.
โ€ข Growing market demand: ransomware attacks have increased by 350%.
โ€ข Proven management team track record with multiple technology start-ups and exits.

Closing Soon

StadiumDrop โ€“ Game changing in-seat delivery service letting you stay in the moment.

Splitsy โ€“ FinTech mobile app to automatically split monthly bills.

Calm Company Fund โ€“ Investment advisor and mentor for founders of calm companies.

Entelexo โ€“ Creating a new class of drugs to address incurable autoimmune diseases.

Close to Goal

Prep2Grow 92%
Using AI to take the work and stress out of investing.

Brazen Bio 91%
Helping biotech founders advance human health.

Accelerate3D 85%

Affordable 3D printing for American manufacturing.


Most Raised This Week

Halcium Energy โ€“ Small wind turbines for homes and businesses.

The Drivers Cooperative โ€“ Ridehailing platform owned by workers, not billionaire founders and venture capital.

SelfDecode โ€“ On-demand AI doctor.

ASTRALABS โ€“ Access ownership in 1000’s of companies with one investment.

Token Metrics โ€“ Using AI to help users build profitable crypto portfolios.


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