๐Ÿ”ฅ 11 new companies, 3 closing soon from Wefunder

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Weโ€™ve got a bountiful crop of new companies this week; from smart shades and simple office leasing, to movie-making apps and mountainside glamping

It’s also your final call to invest in affordable legal services, thrilling young adult action, and a brand new womenโ€™s soccer team



Sen Jam โ€“ Pharma for the people.
โ€ข Creating highly accessible, affordable, safe drugs that work.
โ€ข Lead indications for oral COVID-19 therapeutic, opioid withdrawal, and alcohol hangover prevention.

RYSE โ€“ Smart home tech to automate window shades and save energy.
โ€ข $4.5M in sales to date; 4 patents, including an Amazon Court Judgement win, preventing the sales of copycats.
โ€ข Saving cooling and lighting costs by up to 24% and 74%, reducing emissions.

Xoca โ€“ Gut-healthy soda made from upcycled cacao fruit.
โ€ข Average 480% month-to-month growth online via website and Amazon.
โ€ข Patent-pending process to produce, eliminating food waste.

ReelwUrld โ€“ “Hollywood in your Pocket”: app for everyone to make movies.
โ€ข 7.5M+ views on first community-produced show.
โ€ข Incubated and accelerated at NYU, UCLA Anderson, StartED, and VentureOut.

Untapped Global โ€“ Profitable impact investing in emerging markets.
โ€ข $1M in annual recurring revenue, profitable, and growing 40% month-over-month.
โ€ข 15+ operating partners in the worldโ€™s fastest-growing emerging markets.

extraSlice โ€“ Simplifying office leasing and management.
โ€ข Used by Accenture, Birla Soft, HMD/Nokia, HCL, Juul, Schneider Electric, and many more.
โ€ข $1.5M prior funding from Benaroya Capital and tech sector angel investors with $15.5M post valuation.

EX Venture โ€“ Growing the next generation of impact companies.
โ€ข Team has raised over $150M for tech startups.
โ€ข Highly experienced management team in venture capital and government, listed the first German company on the Nasdaq.

Viroment โ€“ High-tech, sustainable barns.
โ€ข Manure filtration technology eliminates odors in real-time while creating a high-value dry fertilizer.
โ€ข Aim for each project to create 42 farm-to-table jobs, with lower costs, less regulation, and a sustainable process for farmers.

WedFunApp โ€“ Wedding streaming channel meets wedding planning app.
โ€ข Selected as Canva’s wedding planning partner, opportunity to leverage Canva’s 51M monthly users.
โ€ข CEO founded the Wedding TV Cable Network and was President of MTV China.

Oculis Mountain Side โ€“ Hybrid of glamping, vacation rentals, and hotels.
โ€ข 70% less staff than traditional hotels of the same capacity, 67% less construction costs compared to vacation rental homes in the same area.
โ€ข A+ rating on AIRDNA for location at Mt. Baker, WA.

There Were Giants โ€“ Film and TV universe featuring the Nephilim of Genesis.
โ€ข One of the oldest and most controversial topics of the Old Testament that remains untapped.
โ€ข Founder has worked on films and TV series for Netflix, Hulu, BET, and CBS, and produced $500K+ in commercials.


Closing Soon

Minnesota Soccer Holdings โ€“ The first community-owned MN women’s soccer team.

UpCounsel โ€“ Bringing legal to the people.

The Calculated Movie โ€“ Global, young-adult motion picture franchise.


Most Raised This Week

UpCounsel โ€“ Bringing legal to the people.

Atom Limbs โ€“ Bionic prosthetics to end disability.

Viroment Equity โ€“ High-tech, sustainable barns.

SolarGaps โ€“ Energy efficient and sustainable smart solar blinds.

Gamestar+ โ€“ The future of game night: streaming games on-demand.


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