๐Ÿ”ฅ 22 new companies, 6 closing soon from Wefunder

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We’ve got a whopping 22 new companies this week, so there’s something for everyone: tech startups galore, a plastic-free online store and many, many more…

You’ll also spot some of our new Y Combinator companies โ€“ still not sure what all the hype is about YC?


CurlMix โ€“ Clean beauty made simple.
โ€ข $6M gross revenue in 2020; $5M in 2019; $1M in 2018 all online.
โ€ข Investors include Jeff Weiner (Former LinkedIn CEO) and Arlan Hamilton (Backstage Capital).

Vin Social โ€“ Virtual hospitality pioneers helping companies increase revenue and grow relationships.
โ€ข #1 source of new business is from companies who were guests at an event: each paid event generates 1.5 new clients on average.
โ€ข Clients include Salesforce, Cisco, Adweek, Verizon, Univision, Amazon, and many more.

Arc โ€“ Remote career platform for developers.
โ€ข $3M raised from Techstars, 500 Startups, Fabrice Grinda (Forbes #1 angel investor).
โ€ข $3.9M revenue run rate, with new remote recruiting business growing at 470% year-over-year.

Miso โ€“ Instantly book 70 home services such as cleaning, moving, repair.
โ€ข Raised $11.5M including $8M Series A from Y Combinator, Social Capital, AddVenture, etc.
โ€ข Over 3M bookings totaling over $150M in gross bookings.

Sun & Swell โ€“ The first online, plastic-free health food store.
โ€ข Grew online market to $500K+ annual run rate in less than 12 months.
โ€ข Founder is a Tory Burch Fellow, Harvard MBA, and winner of PepsiCo’s WomanMade pitch contest.

Reyets โ€“ #1 social justice network: civil rights tools, news and community.
โ€ข Co-founder is nationally recognized as a Top 40 Civil Rights Lawyer.
โ€ข Founding team has built apps for Pfizer, Six Flags, Under Armour+.

Moonshot Brands โ€“ Acquiring and operating a portfolio of e-commerce businesses.
โ€ข $15M in revenue acquired last month and profitable.
โ€ข Team has 5 exits including NASDAQ e-commerce company.

Gerostate Alpha โ€“ Developing therapies to treat aging and age-related disease.
โ€ข $2.1M raised in initial seed round, at $15M valuation.
โ€ข Team at the forefront of aging research, collectively authoring 200+ papers.

demonpore โ€“ Advanced scientific instruments disguised as toys.
โ€ข Priced at $99, the demonpore 64โ„ข will be the first single-molecule sensor for a mass consumer market.
โ€ข Major institutional support includes Y Combinator, Methuselah Foundation, and UPMC Enterprises.

Sash Group โ€“ Lifestyle, community, and the future of handbags.
โ€ข Patented product, already made $14M in revenue.
โ€ข Backed by Ugg Founder Brian Smith, community of 70,000+ fans creating a demand for production.

CoPeace โ€“ Sustainable, ESG investing for a better future.
โ€ข Public Benefit Corporation and Certified B Corp.
โ€ข Led by a team with decades of experience and over $2M raised.

Firstbase โ€“ Helping companies incorporate in the US, from anywhere in the world.
โ€ข Incorporated 5000+ companies for founders in 160 countries and every US state.
โ€ข 20% month-over-month growth, $200K+ in monthly revenue.

Todos Comemos โ€“ First ready-to-serve ingredients marketplace in Latin America.
โ€ข Current users replacing 20% of groceries with Todos Comemos products and using them 3-5x per week.
โ€ข Average order is $25 USD; 30% gross margin. 3x the prepared food industry average.

Pigeon Loans โ€“ Making lending and borrowing with the people you trust simple and easy.
โ€ข Grown user signups 367% month-over-month.
โ€ข U.S. market size is $200B, global market size is an estimated $1 trillion.

SigNoz โ€“ Open source alternative to DataDog.
โ€ข Launched last month, 750+ Github stars, 50+ installs, 4 large companies actively testing product.
โ€ข Founding team from IIT, Microsoft, and Citibank.

PopViewers โ€“ The premium platform solving the problem of what to watch next.
โ€ข 28,000 TV and movie productions viewed on the platform, with 33,000 swipes in just 3 months.
โ€ข Upcoming strategic partnerships with NBCUniversal, Netflix, Hulu, and CNN.

Bluelight โ€“ Financial data platform for high performing businesses.
โ€ข Launched two weeks ago; 10+ customers and $2K monthly recurring revenue.
โ€ข $5.4B total available market.

Kunduz โ€“ Instant help from expert tutors โ€“ faster, more interactive, cheaper than Chegg.
โ€ข 30K paying users with 95% retention rate.
โ€ข AI can automatically answer 80% of student’s questions, 40M questions answered by 35K tutors through Kunduz in 3 countries.

Agora โ€“ Search engine for local products.
โ€ข Helping local retailers by making their products searchable.
โ€ข Multiple revenue streams: ad-based, product placement, and analytics.

AfterrHome โ€“ AI for remote, live-streamed real estate inspections.
โ€ข Quicker results, more efficient process and socially distanced solution.
โ€ข Winners of DC StartUp Week Virtual Pitch Competition.

BusinessOnBot โ€“ Automated sales and user acquisition on WhatsApp for Indian businesses.
โ€ข Growing at 25% week-over-week in monthly recurring revenue.
โ€ข Booked on-boarding of 80 brands and 2000 businesses in 6 weeks.

topkey โ€“ The one-stop-shop to monetize your investment property.
โ€ข CEO was previously Head of Global Management Partnerships, Hotels team at Airbnb.
โ€ข Launched pilot with one of the top real estate brokerages in the US.

Most Raised This Week

CurlMix โ€“ Clean beauty made simple.

Vyrill โ€“ AI delivering in-video search, insights and commerce tools for brand marketers.

Arc โ€“ Remote career platform for developers.

Airthium โ€“ 100x cheaper battery to stop climate change.

Sun & Swell โ€“ The first online, plastic-free health food store.

Closing Soon

teleCalm โ€“ Phone service for Dementia helping seniors and caregivers.

Brownrigg Hard Cider โ€“ Award-winning producer of fast-selling, distinct hard apple cider.

Anthony’s Cookies โ€“ 22-year-old gourmet cookie company based in San Francisco.

Roombus โ€“ Disaster-proof smart houses.

Sparrow Interactive โ€“ Creating a mobile game that disrupts the pay-to-win genre.

Vyrill โ€“ AI delivering in-video search, insights and commerce tools for brand marketers.


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