๐Ÿ”ฅ 5 new companies, 6 closing soon

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We’ve got 5 new companies this week, including high-tech barns, a Tesla subscription service, and a natural deodorantโ€ฆ made from whiskey!

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Happy scrolling and happy holidays from Team Wefunder ๏ธ


Pit Liquor โ€“ Natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant.
โ€ข 3X year-over-year revenue growth since 2017. $1M annual recurring revenue and 86% profit margin.
โ€ข Wholesale partners include Nordstrom, Urban Outfitters, Faire, and more.

Popcultivator Comics โ€“ Fan-owned comic book studio with $150M+ in sales.
โ€ข Team has over 100 years collective experience in the comic industry.
โ€ข Worked with Marvel, Scholastic, Hasbro, DC, Lucasfilm, and more.

Viroment Equity โ€“ High-tech, sustainable barns.
โ€ข $900M foreign trade in 2017.
โ€ข Each project creates 42 farm-to-table jobs and produces $4M+ of protein per year.

Navisyo โ€“ Connecting boat owners with travelers around the globe.
โ€ข Recreational boating is worth $26B+, expected to reach $33B+ by 2027.
โ€ข Signed partnerships with marinas, licensing sales projected to begin 1st quarter 2021.

T4L (Transportation 4 Life) โ€“ All-inclusive Tesla and Nissan electric vehicle (EV) subscriptions.
โ€ข Strategic partnerships with leading insurance company, finance and EV manufacturers.
โ€ข 400%+ month-over-month organic social media growth.

Close to Goal

The Calculated Movie 91%
Global, young adult motion picture franchise.

The world’s first marketplace donating 100% profits to charity.

Toffee.com 74%
The eBay for digital goods: buy and sell any digital product imaginable!

MOXI 72%
Fintech app for the gig economy.

Most Raised This Week

Armbrust American โ€“ Surgical and N95 masks to fight COVID.

Solstar Space Company โ€“ First internet service provider in space.

Envel โ€“ Building the world’s smartest bank account.

Cortex โ€“ AI-powered analytics improving marketers’ creative choices.

Cleveland Whiskey Bond โ€“ Innovative, profitable and award-winning distillery.

Closing Soon

Wildeye โ€“ Pay to talk with influencers via private video calls.

JJ Pfister Distilling Company โ€“ Handcrafted spirits from a fast-growing, experiential distillery.

Move โ€“ The first community-owned digital store.

Neighborhood Sun โ€“ Community-shared solar: making clean energy accessible to everyone.

The Devil’s Circle โ€“ Horror movie based on an East Coast legend.

UpLyft โ€“ The 1st FDA-compliant self-transfer system for people between bed and wheelchair.


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