๐Ÿ”ฅ 6 new companies, 4 closing soon

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We launched 6 new companies this week, including travel-friendly guitars, a faith-fuelled streaming service, and small biz marketing… at the price of a cup of coffee ๏ธ ๏ธ

Plus, check out our Tip of the Week section for top traits to look for in a founder.


Ciari Guitars โ€“ Producing the first premium travel guitar.
โ€ข Featured in Forbes, USA Today, and received coveted “Editor’s Pick” by Guitar Player Magazine.
โ€ข Protected by robust patent portfolio (US and international) โ€“ founder CEO is a patent attorney.

Crossflix Plus โ€“ VR/3D streaming faith channel for churches and families.
โ€ข Partnered with mega-churches (10,000+ members) and leading pastors.
โ€ข $1.2T faith market, 280,000+ churches in the U.S. on the brink of a digital revolution accelerated by COVID-19.

TransitNet โ€“ Bringing title to crypto.
โ€ข Solving the major problem in a $5B+ market.
โ€ข Beta customers include advisory firms like Cohen & Co. and Berkower LLC.

HelloWoofy โ€“ Smart marketing for small businesses.
โ€ข Grew over 21,900% from launch in under a year, $200K in revenue.
โ€ข Affordable marketing used by 7,000+ SMBs worldwide

My Divorce Party: The Movie โ€“ Comedy feature about lifelong female friends helping their BFF through divorce.
โ€ข Producers’ films have premiered at Sundance, SXSW, Tribeca, Aspen, Outfest, ITVFest, and more.
โ€ข Executive producers’ previous film won the Nashville Film Fest Audience Award in 2020.

VUGO โ€“ More money for rideshare drivers, interactive entertainment for riders.
โ€ข Partnerships with Disney & VIA Ridesharing, $200B+ market.
โ€ข 20,000+ rideshares drivers applied to waiting list.

Close to Goal

Me in 386%
Online video platform connecting employers to candidates.

ModVans 82%
Eco-friendly underwater safari.

GenoBank.io 70%
The worldโ€™s most secure way to exchange DNA data.

Most Raised This Week

Dronedek Corporation โ€“ The safe, secure, smart mailbox for the new age of delivery.

ASTRALABS โ€“ The global portfolio of startups.

Envel โ€“ Building the world’s smartest bank account.

Atom Limbs โ€“ The worldโ€™s first mind-controlled bionic arm.

Vampr โ€“ Live streaming for the world’s largest professional network for creatives.

Closing Soon

Sunken Stone โ€“ Custom software helping brands sell more on Amazon.
Vampr โ€“ Live streaming for the world’s largest professional network for creatives.
CLICS โ€“ Digital hair color mixing system helping salons reduce cost and waste.
Billbox โ€“ Simplifying medical payments for patients.


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