๐Ÿ”ฅ 7 new companies, 6 closing soon

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We’ve got 7 new companies this week from all over the spectrum – including AI that removes bias from job-hiring, deliciously plant-based smoothie bowls, and a marketplace for sports NFTs.

Also, a whole bunch of companies are leaving us. Don’t miss out on your chance to invest in clean beauty for curly hair, a regenerative tree farming project, and social media for pets.


I Got It โ€“ Marketplace for sports NFTs, in-game memorabilia, and experiences.
โ€ข Multi-year partnerships signed with NFL and NBA teams like the Chiefs, Chargers, and Bucks.
โ€ข More than 40 elite athletes under contract to execute NFT transactions through charter membership NFT program.

ThisWay Global โ€“ Matching people to jobs, without bias.
โ€ข $7M raised to-date; accelerated by Google and backed by Amazon.
โ€ข Onboarded over 4,000 companies and named HR Tech Innovation of the Year by Yahoo! Finance.

GoBeep โ€“ Blockchain-based platform for sharing personal data that puts security first.
โ€ข Demonstrated 70% savings for businesses; increased customer acquisition 6x month-over-month over last 3 months.
โ€ข Partnered with the Life Aid Research Institute to improve whole health and prevent suicide in US veterans and first-responders.

Moonshot Jr โ€“ EdTech platform transforming kids into innovators.
โ€ข 1,500+ students graduated from programs to-date; generated $500K sales in 2021.
โ€ข Eleven products built by Moonshot Jr students, available on Amazon and eBay for purchase.

Harmony Turbines โ€“ Developing residential and small-scale wind turbines.
โ€ข Partnership with prototyping facility for essential building materials, and two patents granted.
โ€ข CEO has 20+ years experience in clean energy R&D.

Humbleroots Apothecary โ€“ CBD wellness products from a veteran-led, family-owned company.
โ€ข Secured a strategic partnership with one of the largest CBD-centric retailers in the U.S.
โ€ข Proprietary nano-emulsification process that improves absorption rates and efficacy.

The Worthy Company โ€“ Creating delicious, healthy plant-based foods.
โ€ข Launched in Costco, QVC, Wegmans and regional specialty chains in 2021, growing distribution 3x and growth 4x.
โ€ข Investors and advisors from industry leaders like Coca Cola, PepsiCo, Unilever, UBER, and Vitamin Water.

Closing Soon

CurlMix โ€“ Clean beauty made simple.

Gamestar+ โ€“ The future of game night: streaming games on-demand.

Kaboodle โ€“ Ultimate social media platform for pets and their parents.

Agora โ€“ Search engine for local products.

World Tree โ€“ Fast-growing, renewable hardwood lumber in just 10 years.

BioSmart Research โ€“ CBD for pain management, anxiety, neurological disorders and more.

Most Raised This Week

Viroment โ€“ High-tech, sustainable barns.

Diamante Blockchain โ€“ Blockchain ecosystem for payments and financing.

Atom Limbs โ€“ Bionic prosthetics to end disability.

SolarGaps โ€“ Energy efficient and sustainable smart solar blinds.

HeartFoods โ€“ Recycling food waste to grow fresh organic produce.


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