๐Ÿš€ 10 new companies, 3 closing soon

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We’ve got new companies solving all sorts of problems this week; from taking the guesswork out of renovation to rooting out #fakefluencers.

Itโ€™s also your last chance to invest in the ultimate frisbee league, a planet-saving app, and soul food pizzaโ€ฆ on a biscuit crust


RealtyHive โ€“ Global real estate platform connecting buyers and sellers.
โ€ข Reached $1.7M in revenue in 2020; over 1,300 closed transactions.
โ€ข Globally established product with 85%+ consumer adoption rate.

Washbnb โ€“ Eliminating laundry for Airbnb hosts and boutique hotels.
โ€ข $24K revenues from first year in business during a global pandemic.
โ€ข Covered by The New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and more: 250M+ impressions.

Frank App โ€“ Quick, accurate, automated renovation estimates for contractors.
โ€ข Hundreds of contractors have already signed up for pre-sale.
โ€ข Renovation market is worth $450B annually, with 650K renovation contracting companies in the U.S.

unlo โ€“ Universal subscription for any vehicle, anywhere.
โ€ข $15K+ revenue and 7,000+ unique website visitors from 43 countries.
โ€ข Founded by former racing driver, serial entrepreneur, and legacy car-share employee.

Kyndoo โ€“ Data platform solving influencer fraud, attribution, and safety.
โ€ข More than 3x year-over-year growth between 2019 and 2020.
โ€ข Post-revenue with paying clients like Pillpack, California Olive Ranch, and Pluto Pillow.

Zero Carbon โ€“ Breakthrough technology converting waste into clean energy.
โ€ข Funding from the German government with multiple patents pending.
โ€ข Multi-billion global market opportunity in decentralized waste treatment.

Quioveo Energy โ€“ Access to renewable energy for all.
โ€ข Designed to democratize access and ownership of energy, especially within marginalized communities.
โ€ข $30B market and growing fast.

Hypnos Virtual โ€“ The future of media: live, immersive ‘scentscapes’.
โ€ข Multi-sensual “Disneyland-level” immersive media experiences for home audiences.
โ€ข Core apps include movies, VR, telepresence, mood uplift, home wellness and gaming in $300B+ combined markets.

Gilgal General โ€“ The first electronic trading exchange for annuity contracts.
โ€ข Bringing insurance companies and retirees together in one central trading marketplace, 8 US insurance companies signed up already.
โ€ข Team with decades of Wall Street trading experience from Deutsche Bank, UBS, Bank of America, RBC.

Cedar Credit Builder โ€“ Building the world’s most innovative personal finance and credit solutions.
โ€ข Strategic partners with over 10M customers and $100M in annual revenue.
โ€ข Highly skilled founding team and top industry advisors that have founded companies worth over $1B.

Closing Soon

Soul Slice โ€“ Biscuit-crust pizza chain centered around community.

American Ultimate Disc League โ€“ Making pro ultimate the next big team action sport.

Climate Action Now โ€“ Helping consumers take planet-saving climate action.

Close to Goal

94% Advanced scientific instruments disguised as toys.

LimeLoop 85%
Reusable packaging with with built-in smart technology.

NYCE 81%
Own real estate for $100. โ€œRobinhood of real estate.โ€ – Yahoo Finance.

Gilgal General 76%
The first electronic trading exchange for annuity contracts.

Most Raised This Week

The SMART Tire Company โ€“ Spage-age tires that never go flat.

CurlMix โ€“ Clean beauty made simple.

Bee Mortgage App โ€“ Tap that app, get a mortgage.

NYCE โ€“ Own real estate for $100. โ€œRobinhood of real estate.โ€ – Yahoo Finance.

VBit DC โ€“ Better, smarter and greener bitcoin mining.


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