๐Ÿš€ 4 new companies, 7 closing soon

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4 startups joined the Wefunder ranks this week: spirits with a twist, disaster-proof houses, ‘Google maps to the past’, and a new platform for all things equity crowdfunding. ๏ธ ๏ธ

Bonus! Scroll to the bottom to see a funded product we love โค๏ธ

New โœจ

The Block Distilling Co. โ€“ Craft distillery making #everydamndrop in house.
Grew 40% from year 1 to 2, on track to grow 25% this year despite 3-month pandemic shutdown.
Sold 120,000 drinks and 8,000 bottles in house since opening, $1.85M in cumulative sales.

Roombus โ€“ Disaster-proof smart houses.
Eco-friendly, affordable, modular homes designed to withstand storms, earthquakes and even stop burglars.
$10M+ in potential revenue from 200 purchase requests and pre-orders.

lyfmap.com โ€“ Positive social network connecting users over history.
Returning user time spent (12 min) is super sticky and similar to Pinterest (14 min).
Founder has run 3 profitable businesses that also monetized peopleโ€™s fascination with history.

CrowdLustro โ€“ Equity crowdfunding search engine and guide.
Market projected to surpass $500M in 2021 with landmark SEC rule changes taking effect in spring 2021.
Founding investor with 30+ years in finance, a proven track record, and a successful exit history.

Close to Goal ๐ŸŽฏ

Bodha.aiย  96%
AI talent and performance management platform.

Roomongoย  81%
Incorporating hotels, rentals, and rooms into one seamless search.

Most Raised This Week ๐Ÿš€

Cortex โ€“ AI-powered analytics improving marketers’ creative choices.

Heroic โ€“ Social platform that optimizes wellbeing.

TransitNet โ€“ Bringing title to crypto.

Boaz Bike โ€“ Shared electric scooter focused on safety.

Dronedek Corporation โ€“ The safe, secure, smart mailbox for the new age of delivery.

Closing Soon ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Cortex โ€“ AI-powered analytics improving marketers’ creative choices.

PDX FC โ€“ Own part of a rapidly growing American soccer team.

toffee.com โ€“ The eBay for digital goods.

Quadrant Biosciences โ€“ Developing novel saliva based tests for Autism, COVID-19 and Parkinson’s.

Groomit โ€“ On-demand platform connecting pet owners to pet stylists.

Fetch โ€“ All-natural, human-grade dog treats.

nSightify โ€“ Online community improving the performance and wellbeing of first responders.


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