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We’ve got 5 brand new companies for you this week; tackling climate change, polarising news media, medication-related deaths and more.

Plus, your last chance to invest in premium racehorses and stress-reducing AI. Invest now or forever hold your peace

Featured Startup ๏ธ

AtYourGate โ€” The airport delivery app: order food and more to your gate.
โ€ข Proven delivery concept in 10 U.S. airports. Launching in 10 more of the top 30 U.S airports in the next 12 weeks.
โ€ข Essential solution post COVID-19 for social distancing and safe travel with contactless deliveries.
โ€ข 4.9/5.0 rating in the app store; world-class customer satisfaction scores (Net Promoter Score of 75) across 100,000 deliveries.

Triton Funds invested in AtYourGate because of their ambitious mission to transform the food delivery and travel industries. We love the niche focus (which is a $30B untapped market) and have been impressed by their organic growth and high engagement rates. AtYourGate is poised for accelerated take-off as they close another round of financing and secure additional partnerships with airports, travelers, and strategic advocates.

Ashkan Mapar
Principal, Triton Funds
Investing $1K this round. $25K previously


Swift Rails โ€“ The future of transit: autonomous, sustainable and on-demand.
โ€ข Disruptive innovation for $600B transit market; 5x faster and 40x cheaper than regular transit.
โ€ข Partnered with a well-established national transportation practice with the support of a top engineering university.
Groomit โ€“ On-demand platform connecting pet owners with pet stylists.
โ€ข Generated $1.5M in revenue in the NY market, easily scalable to major metro cities.
โ€ข 20,000+ registered users, 12,000+ groomings completed. Expansive network with 50+ expert groomers.
Gides โ€“ Democratizing access to the Internet.
โ€ข Combining all the webโ€™s features into one simple platform; easy-to-use with automatic translation.
โ€ข Strong team with prior exits.
PharmD Live โ€“ 24/7 telehealth service for medication risk and disease management.
โ€ข $40B in Medicare funding approved to pay for this service, of which only 1.5% was accessed in 2019.
โ€ข COVID-19 has proven telehealth solutions will be the future of healthcare delivery.
Ad Fontes Media โ€“ Rating news reliability and bias to help readers navigate the media landscape.
โ€ข Growing 370% year-over-year, now one of the most recognized and trusted news rating organizations.
โ€ข Independent and owned by people who care deeply about having a healthy information ecosystem and democracy.

Closing Soon

Annestes Thoroughbreds โ€“ Join the Kentucky Derby Dream with a strong portfolio of thoroughbreds.

Mindcurrent โ€“ AI that predicts performance and reduces stress.

Close to Goal

Annestes Thoroughbreds82%
Join the Kentucky Derby Dream with a strong portfolio of thoroughbreds.

Ad Fontes Media78%
Rating news for reliability and bias so people can navigate the news landscape.

Where’s The Foodtruck74%
Marketing platform connecting foodies and foodtrucks.

Most Raised This Week

Kiwibot โ€“ Cheaper, faster delivery via robots.

Swift Rails โ€“ 5x faster and 40x cheaper than regular transit.

ThisWay Global โ€“ Matching people to jobs, without bias.

Solstar Space Company โ€“ First internet service provider in space.

CityFreighter โ€“ Electric trucks with lower costs and faster time-to-market.


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