๐Ÿš€ 8 new companies, 8 closing soon from WeFunder

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It’s a big week at Wefunder: we have 8 brand new startups (prison workouts, food trucks, giving circles and more!) and 8 campaigns closing soon.

We also launched our Fight The Virus accelerator with XX, funding select startups to combat the pandemic crisis. This is the first and only accelerator that allows anyone to invest as little as $100 in startups fighting COVID-19 โ€“ check it out here.

Featured Startup ๏ธ

RAD Intelligence โ€” Platform providing advertiser content for users to share.
โ€ข CEO is a 3x founder with 2 exits. Founding team has 5 exits in digital media and marketing.
โ€ข 400% revenue growth from Q1-Q2, 1000% user growth from Q1-Q2.
โ€ข Over $1.1M raised from professional investors Dzhel Ventures and Expert Dojo.

RAD Intelligence brings the power of data and analytics to marketing! Jeremy and his team have built a robust data analytics platform that helps brands make intelligent and informed decisions on their marketing campaigns. We have tested the platform and are extremely impressed with the results we are seeing. Jeremy and his team are poised to see exponential growth โ€“ lots to like about RAD and the team.

Chris Grabe
CEO at StartupCamp, Investor at RagingBull
Investing $40K this round


Conbody โ€“ Prison-style bootcamp that hires former inmates to teach classes.
โ€ข Monthly revenue increased by 75% from January 2020 to May 2020.
โ€ข Featured in 200+ media outlets including CNN, NYTimes, WSJ, CNBD, Menโ€™s Fitness and Complex.
Grapevine โ€“ Building the future of giving, with online communities.
โ€ข $1M+ given to charity from 4,000+ donors.
โ€ข CEO has Harvard MBA, CTO is a serial Founder/CTO with 2 prior acquisitions and who previously raised $20M+ in VC funding.
3C Bio โ€“ Mobile COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories.
โ€ข 2,400 tests per day per mobile lab.
โ€ข Automated robotic protocol, lower costs, and same day results.
Whereโ€™s The Foodtruck โ€“ Marketing platform connecting foodies and foodtrucks.
โ€ข Over 20,000 active and engaged users.
โ€ข $130K+ in gross revenues in 2019, including catering contracts and recurring revenues.
Wingspan Health โ€“ World’s first robo-advisor for your health.
โ€ข Integrated with 300+ health systems in less than 6 months with $0 funding.
โ€ข $50k investment from XX, $50k from President of Wealthfront, $15k grant from Y Combinator.
Inventr โ€“ Helping deep tech companies automate the patent process.
โ€ข Used by the United States Patent and Trademark Office as part of the Patent Pro Bono Program.
โ€ข $45B opportunity around IP, starting with the untapped market of early-stage deep tech.
Do Only Good โ€“ Healthy dog food with responsibly sourced ingredients.
โ€ข Growing $225 billion pet care industry; North American sales expected to hit $281 billion by 2023.
โ€ข Direct to retailer traction in Southern California averaging 5 new stores monthly.
Soraban โ€“ Speeding up the CPA company financial review process.
โ€ข $15K grant from Y Combinator and $20K investment from XX Team.
โ€ข Up to 50% more affordable than the competition.

Closing Soon

ALBI โ€“ AI-powered meeting assistant helping teams have productive meetings.

NovoMoto โ€“ Affordable solar electricity for the DR Congo.

Indy Brand โ€“ Modern lifestyle clothing brand inspired by the outdoors.

Mammalz โ€“ The first community-driven content platform for all things nature.

NYCE โ€“ Invest in a growing real estate portfolio.

Sidehustle App โ€“ A crowdshare platform that connects businesses and customers.

AirSelfie โ€“ The world’s only pocket-sized, HD aerial camera.

GroGuru โ€“ Strategic irrigation management for the smart farm.

Close to Goal

InfiniteVR 98%
Platform connecting people with future technologies such as VR, AR, and AI.

Brightest 94%
Social impact software for business and non-profits.

Conbody 92%
Prison-style bootcamp that hires former inmates to teach fitness classes.

AtYourGate 86%
The airport delivery app: order food and more to your gate.

Modal Math by ASLedu 85%
Deaf kids are years behind their peers in academics. Let’s change that.

3C Bio 79%
Mobile COVID-19 diagnostic laboratories.

The Devil’s Circle 77%
A horror movie based on an East Coast legend.

Most Raised This Week

Boxabl โ€“ Mass production of upscale affordable housing. Only 1 hour to build.

Neighborhood Sun โ€“ Community-shared solar: Making clean energy accessible to everyone.

NYCE โ€“ Invest in a growing real estate portfolio.

RAD Technologies โ€“ Platform providing advertiser content for users to share.

GroGuru โ€“ Strategic irrigation management for the smart farm.


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