๐Ÿš€ 9 new companies, 11 closing soon from Wefunder

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This week we launched 9 new campaigns, including allergy-alleviating lollipops (there’s a tongue-twister for you!), AI that predicts fashion trends, and โ€˜no-adsโ€™ advertising. ๏ธ ๏ธ

The new batch also includes startups sourcing local meat, another sourcing talent โ€“ one raising financially savvy kids, another raising a glass to American coal miners. Check ’em out




Harlan County Beer Company โ€“ Brewery and restaurant in the historic heart of Appalachia.
โ€ข Taproom beer sales have ~92% gross margins.
โ€ข Opportunity to diversify the local economy and build community.

AllerPops โ€“ Liberating millions from allergies.
โ€ข 5,000+ satisfied customers with 94.5% efficacy.

โ€ข 3 US patents issued, 5 international patents pending.


Grazr โ€“ Making buying locally raised meat easy and affordable.
โ€ข Closing the loop on the local food economy: more convenient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable.
โ€ข Up to 50% of farmers’ costs tied up in cost of bringing animal from farm to market.


Kachinga โ€“ Helping parents raise financially smart kids.
โ€ข Over 25% growth week-over-week.
โ€ข CEO has built 3 multi-million dollar SaaS startups; CFO raised $300M+ and led them to successful exits including IPO.


Worth โ€“ Converting customers into marketers: digitizing word of mouth.
โ€ข 20x revenue growth in first 5 months, created 20,000+ unique Instagram stories from customers.
โ€ข Developed relationships with Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, PayPal and more.


Bodha.ai โ€“ AI talent and performance management platform.
โ€ข Strong team with 30+ years in cognitive science and multi-million dollar exits in the AI industry.
โ€ข System matches candidates without bias and focuses on growing team cohesion.


Roomongo โ€“ Your next trip planner.
โ€ข Incorporating hotels, rentals, and rooms into one seamless search.
โ€ข Access to lower hotel rates, ability to invite friends to collaborate on the planning.


Predictsys โ€“ AI solving fashion’s $210B supply-demand mismatch problem.
โ€ข Generates recommendations with 90%+ accuracy.
โ€ข Top tier team of McKinsey, Amazon Fashion and AWS entrepreneurs.
StackSource โ€“ Simplifying commercial real estate investing.
โ€ข Closed over 100 real estate loans across 28 states; $2M+ revenue.
โ€ข Backed by Techstars, Newark Venture Partners, and real estate industry executives.



Close to Goal

Worthย  ย 96%
Converting customers into marketers: digitizing word of mouth.

Hayseed: A Whodunnit Mysteryย  ย 75%
Film uncovering corruption and murder in a rural community.



Most Raised This Week

Dronedek Corporation โ€“ The safe, secure, smart mailbox for the new age of delivery.

Wind Harvest โ€“ Doubling the energy wind farms generate.

TransitNet โ€“ Bringing title to crypto.

Roombus โ€“ Disaster-proof smart houses.

Pit Liquor โ€“ Natural, toxin-free whiskey deodorant.



Closing Soon

Wind Harvest โ€“ Doubling the energy wind farms generate.

Boaz Bike โ€“ Electric scooter-bike company focused on safety.

El Condor โ€“ Sustainable coffee roaster, cafe, and lifestyle brand.

toffee.com โ€“ The eBay for digital goods.

Envel โ€“ Building the world’s smartest bank account.

T4L (Transportation 4 Life) โ€“ All-inclusive Tesla and Nissan electric vehicle subscriptions.

Baru โ€“ Building a virtual manufacturing network; starting with furniture.

Cleveland Whiskey Bond โ€“ Innovative, profitable and award-winning distillery.

Tiro โ€“ Better testing for teachers. Deeper learning for students.

Soulmate Brewing Company โ€“ Veteran-owned craft brewery dedicated to serving the community.

I Got It โ€“ Enhancing the fan experience by taking home a piece of the action.



Tip of the Week

Develop decisiveness. Get comfortable with decisiveness as quickly as possible. While this is mostly a matter of experience, angel investing doesn’t look kindly upon dilly-dalliers..


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