🚀 Diversifying your portfolio with alternate asset classes

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Here’s a friendly reminder from your team at Republic: don’t forget to diversify. Whether you have one investment or a hundred—there’s always room for proactively reducing your risk profile.
Want some inspiration? Check out this diversified portfolio :
Diversify your portfolio by investing in different asset classes, sectors, business with different business models, and more.

Live AI Investment Opportunities

This week’s featured deals include an interesting sector on the cutting edge of technology: AI & Machine Learning.
Oracle Health is a Y Combinator company that created a tiny, easy-to-implant heart monitor that uses telemedicine and AI to track heart failure risk. Oracle Health is part of Johnson+Johnson’s Innovation Lab and the team is made up of experienced medtech leaders, cardiologists and scientists from leading universities.
Sentry AI uses artificial intelligence to power virtual security guards. They’re aiming to transform the security monitoring and guard industry of $148B TAM. They have customers in 37 countries, installed on 30K+ cameras, and have processed 200M images.
Saya Life is a water risk management platform for multi-tenant properties. Their SaaS platform has been deployed in several multi-tenant and commercial properties. They’re venture backed and have already raised 300k from Upward Labs.

Axle.ai is backed by Jason Calanacis and makes video footage and media collaboration remotely accessible and searchable from a browser. They had $667k in sales in 2020 and $416k in the first 5 months of 2021. They have over 700 paid customers including. NBCU, Paramount, NY Yankees, In N’Out Burger.
Pickzen is the no-code guided-selling platform incubated by Google for Startups. Their no-code visual editor, design system, and rules engine is backed by former CEO of BBVA. With D2C clients like Jane Iredale, Supergoop!, Hungry Bark, and more, they saw 10x year-over-year revenue growth from 2019 to 2020.
Amplio.ai uses AI models to teach their users how to adjust physical, mental, and nutritional factors to improve their performance. Their products are currently being used by the DoD, NBA and others. They saw $2.1M in revenue in 2020 and their SaaS model enables large enterprise sales.
Accredited Deal of the Week

Republic’s accredited only platform, the Deal Room provides accredited investors with unique and innovative private investment opportunities. If you are an accredited investor and want to apply for access
Featured 506(c) Offering

The global platform allows anyone to buy, save, spend, and transfer gold. The company has already raised over $3M with UK crowdfunding partner Seedrs and has $37 million of gold stored securely in a Brinks vault by Glint clients. They’re backed by Sprott, TOCOM, and Craig Dewer (the founder of GPS).

Real-time updates from live deals

Prep to Your Door: We’re celebrating! Prep to Your Door Founder, Heather Emerson, was featured on Forbes Next 1000!

PittMoss: June Year-Over-Year GROWs nearly 70%!

Kanthaka: We were featured in Built in Austin / 5 Tech Startups to Watch

Inahsi Naturals: Nominated as Inclusivity Champion of the Year for the 2021 Beauty Independent Beacon Awards.

Dims.: New table just launched! The Eave Dining Table seats up to 8 for at-home communal gatherings.
Recently launched:

Amplio AI
AI tools that teach your team how to get ready to perform at their best

Actipulse Neuroscience
Bringing neuromodulation treatment for depression, from the hospital to the home

Troop Beverage Co.
Canned cocktails inspiring a new social scene—one sip at a time.

Closing Soon
Digital platform for trading, growing, and managing your real estate equity.

Chat-based learning experience platform for K12 educational institutes


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