๐Ÿš€ Investment Opportunity: The Bucket List Family animation studio partnered with Disney, Google, and Lego with $7M raised

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BucketList Studio launches on Republic

Reinventing the cartoon with partners like Disney, Target, Netflix, and more
โ€ข Interactive cartoon experience blending animation and live footage
โ€ข @thebucketlistfamily ranked #1 travel influencer in 2019
โ€ข Youtube channel with 1.3M subscribers
โ€ข Brand partners include Disney, Target, Google, Lego, and more
โ€ข Teamโ€™s previous startup sold to Snapchat for $54M
โ€ข $7M already raised in a private round from VCs and angels
The Bucket List is an animation studio specializing in interactive educational content for families around the world. Their first project, The Bucket List Cartoon, is based on the real-life travels of founder Garrett Gee with his familyโ€”who have 1.3M subscribers on their Youtube channel. Gee previously founded mobile app company Scan, which was acquired by Snapchat for $54M.

Ranked #1 travel influencer in the world
Since starting their journey, The Bucket List Family has reached millions of people across the globe, and was even ranked the #1 travel influencer in the world in 2019*. They’ve also partnered with global brands like Disney, Target, Pampers, Google, Lego, Capital One and more.

*Influential x OMD Top 20 Influencer Audit by Vertical Report, March 2019


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