๐Ÿš€ New Launch: $4.6M in revenue, the Netflix featured travel bag Pakt launches on Republic

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Pakt launches on Republic

Exceptionally well-designed gear built for the modern traveler


  • $4.6M in lifetime revenuewith 24,000+ units sold to date
  • Even during COVID, revenue grew to $1.4M in 2020, aย 32% YoY increase
  • Strong DTC model paired with strategic retail and licensing partnerships
  • Engaged, enthusiastic community ofย 75K+ people across the globe
  • Social media engagement that’sย 540% higherย than the industry average
  • Created SeaHive, an initiative to fight ocean pollution

Modern travelers are environmentally and socially conscious. Unfortunately, much of the quality travel gear available is from legacy brands operating with business models, environmental practices, and styles that are out of sync with customer needs and wants.

Pakt creates unique, refined, and responsibly sourced travel accessories for the growing community of environmentally conscious travelers. Their versatile products serve both business and leisure functions, emphasizing function and fashion alike.

Pakt is a direct-to-consumer, customer-centric brand. Their strategy of using crowdfunding product launches followed with e-commerce long-term sales has built a strong community and impressive per product numbers.The business model

Pakt has an engaged, enthusiastic community of more than 75,000 customers, followers, and subscribers around the world. The founders’ appearance on Netflix generated so much interest in their designs that Pakt successfully crowd-funded $2M from 7000 backers across the world. Products made to last a lifetime of adventures โ€“ and theyโ€™re gaining traction



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