๐Ÿš€ NEW LAUNCH: Irrigreen smart sprinkler system with $4.9M raised from Silicon Valley top groups

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Irrigreen launches on Republic

Revolutionary smart sprinkler system that saves water
โ€ข Raised $4.9 million from Silicon Valleyโ€™s top angel groups
โ€ข IP protected technology with 6 patents granted

โ€ข Revolutionary Digital Sprinkler saves approx. 50% of outdoor water use
โ€ข 300+ installations since product launch
โ€ข Founders have deep expertise, 40+ patents, $325M in prior startup exits
โ€ข Positioned for a $6B+ market opportunity
Irrigreen smart sprinkler system saves ~50% more water
Irrigreenโ€™s revolutionary Digital Sprinkler Head distributes water according to the exact shape of the landscaping. Their software controlled digital heads print water instead of spraying, eliminating overlap waste. All controlled from their app.
Irrigreen combines weather data with customer’s landscaping needs, making the entire experience from installation to everyday use simple, efficient and smart.

Traction from Irrigreen
Irrigreen sprinkler technology has been independently proven to save 40% more water (in 5 months) than traditional sprinkler systems.



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