🚀 New launch: The Rabbit Hole cocktail bar in burgeoning Houston Heights » a revenue share deal on NextSeed

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The Rabbit Hole launches on NextSeed

Craft Cocktail Wonderland in Burgeoning Houston Heights


  • Location is a historic 1928 bungalow, offering an intimate experience for visitors
  • Managing Partners Ian Frascati and William Daniel bring years of experience building, operating, and marketing unique concepts
  • Houston Heights neighborhood is developing rapidly and increasing in value
  • Pre-construction preparations are already underway, and the team anticipates opening the bar by January 2022.

The Rabbit Hole is an upcoming destination for wine, beer, and craft cocktails in Houston’s Heights neighborhood and an in-house kitchen.

Located near Airline Drive and E. 29th Street, The Rabbit Hole is in a highly visible location and is building in the midst of an exciting reinvigoration of the area. Just blocks away, a $9 million investment in the Houston Farmers Market is underway, creating a larger destination for the surrounding neighborhood.

The team

The founding team consists of an operator with 30 years of experience building and operating bars from NYC to TX and a veteran of the US Navy with over a decade of experience as a sales and advertising executive creating unique brands and managing the execution of high performing marketing campaigns.

Share in revenue

Investors in the establishment will be participating in revenue sharing, receiving distributions when revenue begins to generate. (With revenue sharing, a business agrees to pay you a percentage of their monthly revenue until you receive the total repayment amount at the agreed upon multiple.)



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