๐Ÿš€ Now Live: A $188 Bn market opportunity

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Now Live: BNNanoย 
$111k+ Raised | $100.30 min. investment

BNNano is an advanced manufacturing company that pioneered the patent-pending NanoBarbโ„ข, a unique and enhanced Boron Nitride Nanotube. When added to commodities, NanoBarbsโ„ข improve a materialโ€™s natural properties, making it extraordinary.

A very big market opportunity…

The NanoBarb is poised to fundamentally change industries given the significantly lower cost (compared to all competitors) and the commercially viable manufacturing process. They anticipate the Product Total Addressable Markets (TAM) at $188 Billion.

NanoBarbsโ„ข are ideal for use in markets such as additive manufacturing, aerospace, automotive, defense, biomedical, fire prevention, thermal management, and water purification

Issuer Updates

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