🚀 Taking off: Why is digital real estate booming? Decentraland explained

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Phew, we’re just catching our breath from last week. In case you missed it:
• New SEC crowdfunding rules went into effect
• Gumroad launched on Republic and sold out in 12 hours, making Republic the first crowdfunding platform to reach the new limit. Backstage Capital quickly followed, (together they received commitments of $10M+)
• We announced our $36M Series A raise
Full steam ahead, this week we’re talking about digital real estate, Decentraland, and exciting live deals on the platform.
Real Estate and Crypto Unite

Decentraland, a crypto-powered virtual world, has seen a spike in growth (and prices) this year as endorsements from industry leaders like Tim Ferris and Mark Cuban began to flood in. Decentraland lets users explore and build like Minecraft and socialize like the popular online game Second Life. The world is split up into 90k units of LAND (NFTs) and users are free to roam around, build, and explore.
Why should this be on your radar? Companies and brands are quickly adopting the new technology. In the future, online real estate like Decentraland will be a place for users to visit virtual art galleries, gamble at virtual casinos, and hang out at VR bars. The possibilities are endless and building on Decentraland can be fun, but make no mistake, these digital real estate assets have real-world value.
For more on the digital real estate boom and what it means for the future, check out this Coindesk Op-Ed, penned by Republic’s own Head of Real Estate, Janine Yorio.
Republic’s Response to Recent Events

In light of events over the past week, we at Republic would like to take a moment to recognize and name our support for the Asian and Asian American community. As we strive to make a community and platform that reflects our values of diversity, we recognize the necessity to actively work against systems of oppression, hatred, and bias.
Republic was founded on the belief that making investing and funding available to all is a necessary step toward building a more equitable society. We will continue to support and provide resources to our community of Asian investors, issuers, and employees.
Here are a few ways Republic is getting involved:
• Donate. Republic is matching its employee’s donations to organizations that support the Asian American community. We’re donating to: Advancing Justice Atlanta, AAPI Community Fund by GoFundMe, Community Action Fund by Hate is a Virus, and the HyunJungKim memory fund by the two sons of one of the shooting victims.
• Learn. Anti-Asian Violence Resources is a great place to start.
We invite you to join our team in the Bystander Intervention Training led by Advancing Justice. The training will focus on how to spot and deescalate instances of xenophobia.
• Check-in. Send kind words, send love, send solidarity. Have conversations with family members and friends about the rise of hate crimes against Asians and do what you can to combat the hate with love, empathy, and action.
Featured Deals:

Today we’re featuring live deals with Minority Founders. Invest in the future you believe in.
• Leave a digital legacy. Clocr is an all-in-one digital legacy planning platform. They have three pending patents, including one in security, and are paving the way for the future of digital assets. They have recent mentions in Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Techconnect.
• Hangovers? No thanks. Drink Monday is a delicious non-alcoholic drink made to help people socialize without stress and wake up hangover-free. They’ve had $1.38M in sales their first 9 months and project $5.3 in revenue in 2021. Randi Zuckerberg invested saying, “I look forward to watching this company pioneer a new category.”
• Fantasy sports players unite. Fanalyze is a sports analysis app that helps fans save time, easily aggregate top data sources, and make better decisions in betting and fantasy sports leagues. With a utility patent-pending and partnerships with FSGA, Sportradar, HYPE, GamePlanU, and more, they’ve become the #1 fantasy sports search engine on Google.
• Fresh, healthy food anywhere. Fullskoop provides farm-to-fridge meals, available 24/7 through easy-install vending machines. They’re combining a world-class chef with game-changing food retail economics. They have 6x ROI, 21% net margin, and a projected $6.4M in sales in 30 months.
• Making mobility accessible. myUDAAN is an assistive mobility solution for the elderly and persons with disabilities. They won the 2020 NCPEDP Award and the 2020 Disability Innovations Lab. They’re operating at a gross margin of 20% and received funding from Faster Capital.
• Be there in five! Ready Set Jet provides women a simple beauty routine with multi-use, vegan products, saving them time, space, and money while also giving back. Created by a Mahatma Gandhi Award Winning serial entrepreneur, they’ve recently secured international distribution and signed two strategic partnerships.
• Reimagining consumption. UpChoose is a consumer tech platform launching their first product, a sustainable baby clothing service. With 300% growth year-to-date and 10X growth in MRR over 5 quarters, they’ve been selected for the Levi Strauss & Co Collaboratory program.

Republic Happenings

• AMA with Cere Network and Republic. In a few weeks, Republic’s platform will be hosting the CERE public token offering. This long-anticipated project is available for qualifying investors. Join us on Friday at 3pm ET for a special Ask Me Anything (AMA) session with the team behind the Cere project.
• Champions for Change: Female Founder Showcase We’re bringing together Gabby Douglas and Summer Sanders as guest judges for an hour of live pitching from female founders, feedback from the judges, and exposure to the greater community. Join us to watch the pitches live. Thursday, 6 pm ET.
• Republic in the news.
o Republic’s Series A announcement on Bloomberg
o Inside Republic Realm’s Digital Real Estate Fund on the Morning Brew email
o Inside Gumroad’s Historic Crowdfunding in Forbes

Launched this week

Farm to fridge meals; available 24/7 in your building

PittMoss is a top performing upcycled soil made from organic, recycled paper

Plain Sight
Networking reimagined.

Offerings closing soon

YEII is about to close!
$24,353 raised · $100 min. investment
Education in frontier technologies for America’s youth

Tropical Racing is about to close!
$102,638 raised · $450 min. investment
Disrupting the thoroughbred horse racing establishment

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Stojo: Amassed a 2,000+ waitlist for our new Collapsible Bowl

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AKUA: AKUA honored with a Travel + Leisure Global Vision Award

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