🚀New on Netcapital: Dashible 🚀

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New on Netcapital: Dashible

Dashible helps consumers find deals, discounts and promotions at local businesses in New York and New Jersey (expanding nationally in 2021) and provides businesses with the opportunity to reach new customers, create customer loyalty and increase revenue.

Deal Highlights
⭐Released customer iOS and Android apps
⭐Signed up over 330 businesses in NYC
⭐Received a $5,000 grant from the Coalition to Back Black Businesses Fund and a $10,000 grant from BeyGOOD’s Black-Owned Small Business Impact Fund
⭐Selected to be a part of EY’s Entrepreneurs Access Network

A $105 Bn Market…

The market for deals and loyalty programs used by small to medium-sized businesses exceeds $100B. The Dashible addressable market is $45B, which is focused on the 10MM local retailers that have a digital presence. They have built the platform to be self-service, secure and scalable to allow them to grow rapidly.


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