๐Ÿš€New on Netcapital: OmniValley

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New on Netcapital: OmniValley

$99 minimum investment

OmniValley is an exclusive, online venture network showcasing and connecting startup ecosystems at the investor level. View Offering

Deal Highlights

๐ŸคThe OmniValley platform houses more than 400 active investment organizations and accredited individuals spanning 6 continents and 200+ unique ecosystems.
๐ŸคRecent graduates of the Capital Innovators accelerator program
๐Ÿค100+ new investor-to-investor connections sourced since 2018
๐ŸคPartnered with the Global Accelerator Network for introductions to their growing network of accelerator organizations as well as promoting OmniValley to their distribution.

OmniValley’s addressable market includes more than 17k targeted organizations, groups, and 4M angel targeted investor profile members

OmniValley serves their targeted market as the only online platform centered on connecting small-scale entrepreneurial regions to large, strategic, and new investors. Unlike their competitors, OmniValley offers member-inputted information provided in real-time to a select, interested network. Institutions, corporations, and VC firms can relate to accelerators and the building of smaller ecosystems as they too often have altruistically like-minded missions to foster growth in their own communities.


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