๐Ÿšจ 2 new companies, 24 closing soon

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Our 2 new companies this week make moving money easier; for getting paid and getting a mortgage.

We’ve also got 24 (that’s right, 24) campaigns closing, so cosy up to some companies and see if any catch your eye โ€“ if not, we hope you simply enjoy time with your loved ones for this Thanksgiving ๏ธ

Happy holidays!


Bee Mortgage App โ€“ AI-powered app making mortgages effortless.
โ€ข Live app with fast-growing user base: 314%+ downloads over past 30 days.
โ€ข Founded by licensed mortgage loan officers, real estate agents and certified blockchain experts.

KarbonPay โ€“ Automating global payroll in the cloud.
โ€ข Established global network of customers, partnerships in negotiation worth $50-75M annual recurring revenue.
โ€ข Offers up to 40% savings vs existing payroll providers.

Most Raised This Week

Digital Brands Group โ€“ Portfolio of high-growth, digital first apparel brands.

Move โ€“ The first community-owned digital store.

Bee Mortgage App โ€“ AI-powered app making mortgages effortless.

Beat Box / Future Proof โ€“ Brand new beverage brands for the next generation of drinkers.

Atom Limbs โ€“ The worldโ€™s first mind-controlled bionic arm.


Closing Soon

Smart Tire Recycling โ€“ Turning waste products into a lucrative commodity.

MagNet Analytics โ€“ Smaller, more efficient product-dispensing kiosks.

Petri Bio โ€“ Next-generation of therapeutics from gut microbes.

ReGrained โ€“ Food upcycling technology, ingredient platform and packaged foods innovator.

Where’s Rose Film โ€“ Thrilling social horror film starring Ty Simpkins (Insidious).

Inventr โ€“ Helping deep tech companies automate the patent process.

Bao Bros โ€“ Asian-fusio: bao, boba, beer.

Creator Films โ€“ Modern faith-infused movies.

Do Only Good โ€“ Healthy dog food with responsibly sourced ingredients.

Linkio โ€“ Bringing companies and freelancers together in one simple app.

nSightify โ€“ Online community improving the performance and wellbeing of first responders.

Rhino Hide โ€“ Bulletproof wall filler protecting people wherever they gather.

Ron Artesano โ€“ Handmade rum from the mountains of Puerto Rico.

SapientX โ€“ Giving AI-powered voice assistants an upgrade.

Sniffy Labs โ€“ Digital dog trainer making professional dog training accessible and easy.

Swift Rails โ€“ The future of transit: autonomous, sustainable and on-demand.

This Land โ€“ The latest film from Sundance and SXSW winner Jim Cummings.

Univoice โ€“ 1st mobile app that teaches languages through music; no singing skills required!

HealtheMed โ€“ Improving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable people.

Manna โ€“ Ultimate recipe app, digital kitchen tool and cooking community.

3 Some Chocolates โ€“ It’s not just chocolate โ€” it’s an experience!

festivalPass โ€“ First event subscription marketplace across music, film, food and wine.

Quorum X Diagnostics โ€“ The first 15-minute at-home antigen test for COVID.

Follow Her: A Thriller Film โ€“ New social media horror movie from Emmy award winning filmmakers.


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