๐Ÿšจ 4 new companies, 6 closing soon

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We’ve got 4 new startups for you this week: cider, senior care, soccer, and solar-powered vehicles.

There’s also a whopping 8 companies reaching the end of their campaign (VR, salsa, radio shows and more!). Go on โ€“ take a gander.


AlwaysNear TeleHealth โ€“ Happier, healthier and cheaper care for seniors.
โ€ข CEO 3x successful founder, including IPO with $234M valuation.
โ€ข Member of Google Cloud for Startups Program โ€“ invaluable engineering, product launch and market development support.

Brownrigg Hard Cider โ€“ Award-winning cidery making fast-selling, distinct hard apple cider.
โ€ข Taproom sales up 37% in 2020, combined yearly retail and wholesale sales increased 173% in 2019.
โ€ข Maintain a 5-star rating on all major online platforms with two Double Gold medals (2018 & 2019).

Aptera Motors โ€“ The world’s first never-charge solar vehicle.
โ€ข 1,000+ mile battery range, can travel 40+ miles a day on free power from integrated solar panels.
โ€ข Safe, affordable and can reduce each owner’s carbon footprint by over 14,000 pounds of CO2 per year.

PDX FC โ€“ Own part of a rapidly growing American soccer team.
โ€ข Join a unique group of owners creating a new community-based soccer model.
โ€ข Actual ownership rights with investor updates and special owner perks.

Closing Soon

InfiniteVR โ€“ Connecting people with future technologies; VR, AR, and AI.

Savannah Sauce โ€“ When life throws tomatoes at you; make salsa!

Drifter Spirits โ€“ A growing portfolio of craft spirits brands.

Keyno โ€“ Preventing online fraud: dynamic CVV2 for your credit, debit, and prepaid cards.

Kingmakers Ops โ€“ Developing recession-resistant companies.

Nedl โ€“ Have your own live radio show โ€” in seconds!

Close to Goal

Rhino Hide 93%
Bulletproof wall filler protecting people wherever they gather.

HealtheMed 78%
Improving the lives of our community’s most vulnerable people.

Brownrigg Hard Cider 74%
Award-winning producer of fast-selling, distinct hard apple cider.

Sniffy Labs 70%
Digital dog trainer making professional dog training accessible and easy.


Most Raised This Week

FuelGems โ€“ New fuel additive making fuel cleaner and more efficient.

Aptera Motors โ€“ The world’s first never-charge solar vehicle.

SapientX โ€“ Giving AI-powered voice assistants an upgrade.

ReGrained โ€“ Food upcycling technology, ingredient platform and packaged foods innovator.

Smart Tire Recycling โ€“ Turning waste products into a lucrative commodity.


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