๐Ÿšจ 6 new companies, 6 closing soon from Wefunder

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Next week, 36 Y Combinator companies launch on Wefunder โ€“ anyone can invest alongside some of Silicon Valley’s most reputable investors

Plus new companies helping you trade shares and share recommendations, and hire handymen, teachers and eco-friendly igloos.


Sircles โ€“ The social recommendations app designed to destroy Yelp.
โ€ข Founders’ 3rd consecutive, successful multi-million dollar business.
โ€ข ~20K downloads and 400K+ app opens since launch in February 2021.

Atreyu Group โ€“ Access to quantitative and algorithmic trading for all.
โ€ข Generated over $6M in revenue for 2020, 15% year-over-year growth.
โ€ข Traded over 1 billion shares in a single month, successfully traded over 9 billion shares on the platform.

LION Dandelion Tea โ€“ The superstar of functional beverages: special powers from regular flowers.
โ€ข 770% growth since Feb 2020, 22% repeat purchase rate.
โ€ข Dropped cost of acquisition by 40% in 4 months and increased gross margin to 60% in 2021.

Igloo Mountain Lodge โ€“ Sustainable lodging in the heart of the Washington Cascade mountains.
โ€ข A+ rating on AirDNA for location โ€“ AirDNA tracks the performance data of 10M Airbnb/VRBO rentals.
โ€ข Service model uses half the staff of traditional hotels of the same capacity.

The Teacher Marketplace โ€“ On-demand marketplace connecing educators with students & families.
โ€ข Over 7,000 registered teachers in under 180 days.
โ€ข Includes features like background checks, vaccinated teacher badges, on-site payment and booking, and instant messaging.

GigKloud โ€“ TaskRabbit for businesses.
โ€ข 80% compound monthly growth rate over last 7 months.
โ€ข Average client spent $4,800 last month, up 1,000% year-over-year. 15,000 workers on waitlist.


Close to Goal

HunniCo 91%
The next big thing in flavored water.

Vuba 91%
Helping cities move and breathe more easily.

LION Dandelion Tea 84%
The superstar of functional beverages: special powers from regular flowers.

Boonoob 78%
The social web for social good.

HereYouGo 71%
Rental service for connected and self-driving cars.


Most Raised This Week

Immersed โ€“ VR offices partnered with Facebook, Microsoft, and HTC.

Sircles โ€“ The social recommendations app designed to destroy Yelp.

ParkNav โ€“ Just drive: AI that finds parking for you.

DRONEDEK Corporation โ€“ The safe, secure, smart mailbox for the new age of delivery.

Airthium โ€“ 100x cheaper battery to stop climate change.


Closing Soon

Parlay Cafe โ€“ Coffee shop meets co-working space for home workers.

GeoToll โ€“ Pay any toll with just your phone.

VibeTech Enterprises โ€“ Therapeutic vibration technology reducing falls in older adults.

BlueStar SeniorTech โ€“ Keeping seniors safe, healthy and connected.

Boonoob โ€“ The social web for social good.

MedCoShare โ€“ Flexible coworking spaces for healthcare practitioners.


Tip of the Week

Look out for warning signs in a founder. A founder who seems preoccupied with clout chasing rather than their metrics or user experience should send you runningโ€“ as should any hint of procrastinator tendencies. A great founder will move quickly and with clarity.


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