๐Ÿšจ 9 new companies, 15 closing soon

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It’s a mega week at Wefunder this week with 9 brand spanking new startups, and 15 sounding the gong for their final investments.

From sustainable salon gadgets to drone-friendly mailboxes, there’s sure to be something up your street; so take a stroll (or scroll) through our newsletter โ€“ you might just find your next favourite company ๏ธ


Firelight Camps โ€“ Luxurious, stylish, and social glamping experiences.
โ€ข $4M+ in revenue. 35,000+ happy guests. 4.5/5 stars on Tripadvisor.
โ€ข Featured in Vogue, the NYT, the WSJ, Forbes, Architectural Digest, Curbed, Thrillist, Jetsetter and more.

DRONEDEK Corporation โ€“ The safe, secure, smart mailbox for the new age of delivery.
โ€ข Exclusive patent rights in the US market for Secured Drone Delivery.
โ€ข 100M items purchased on the internet per day, 91% of those items are drone deliverable (5lb or less).

Black Sands Entertainment โ€“ America’s most popular independent black content developers.
โ€ข Senior animators from Disney, Sony, Pixar, Bron, Amazon Studios, Nickelodeon, Rainmaker and more.
โ€ข 5M social media impressions per month, 370 five-star reviews on Facebook.

CLICS โ€“ Digital hair color mixing system helping salons reduce cost and waste.
โ€ข Rapid 2,574% revenue growth from Q3 to Q4.
โ€ข CEO has designed 5 Internet platforms including the first VPN service with a $630M exit.

Digital Brands Group โ€“ Portfolio of high-growth ‘digital first’ apparel brands.
โ€ข $33.5M revenue in 2019 and 1.2M customers from the 4 brands currently owned (not this entity), 4 more acquisitions in progress.
โ€ข $15M+ raised to date from 7,500+ investors.

Immortal Studios โ€“ Creating the next Marvel with a martial arts fantasy universe of comics and more.
โ€ข Exclusive rights to Shiao Yiโ€™s 60+ Wuxia novels (with 30+ films/TV productions).
โ€ข Founding team includes veterans from Marvel, DC, Shaolin Temple and Hollywood studios.

Vuba โ€“ Helping cities move and breathe more easily.
โ€ข Fast, safe and no CO2. $1.3B contract pending.
โ€ข Driverless electric vehicles at affordable prices; expected to be half the cost of building new roads and 1/5th of the cost of light rail.

Climate Action Now โ€“ Giving ordinary people the means to fight climate change.
โ€ข Organizations like the Climate Reality Project are planning to use app for recruiting and engagement.
โ€ข Founder is a serial entrepreneur, selling his last company in 2017 with 200,000+ subscribers and millions in annual revenue.

SCRAP Film โ€“ Female filmakers shining a light on the homeless crisis.
โ€ข Director/Writer has acted in Castle, Greyโ€™s Anatomy, Criminal Minds, New Girl and Masters of Sex.
โ€ข Screenplay was a finalist in Sundance’s Development Lab and top 10 in Final Draft’s Big Break.

Closing Soon

Gleantap.ai โ€“ AI-powered platform helping health and fitness businesses adapt.

CONBODY โ€“ Prison-style bootcamp that hires former inmates to teach classes.

Grapevine โ€“ Building the future of giving, with online communities.

The Wilderness Road โ€“ A film about one of the bloodiest, most incredible times in American history.

Baru โ€“ Building a virtual manufacturing network; starting with furniture.

Kaffi โ€“ Icelandic energy coffee.

Linkio โ€“ Bringing companies and freelancers together in one simple app.

Stackhouse โ€“ Developing affordable, portable tiny homes across the country..

LiteraSeed โ€“ Visual-based communication for doctors to effectively assess patients.

Petri Bio โ€“ Next-generation of therapeutics from gut microbes.

Soraban โ€“ Helping CPAs give companies financial reviews faster.

VirZoom โ€“ The future of fitness on Facebook’s Oculus store.

Whereโ€™s the Foodtruck โ€“ Marketing platform connecting foodies and foodtrucks.

Wingspan Health โ€“ World’s first robo-advisor for your health.

Smart Tire Recycling โ€“ Turning waste products into a lucrative commodity.

Close to Goal

Boaz Bike 82%
Shared electric scooter focused on safety.

Firelight Camps 71%
Luxurious, stylish, and social glamping experiences.

Most Raised This Week

Black Sands Entertainment โ€“ America’s most popular independent black content developers.

Firelight Camps โ€“ Luxurious, stylish, and social glamping experiences.

Digital Brands Group โ€“ Portfolio of high-growth ‘digital first’ apparel brands.

Shark Wheel โ€“ The world’s only non-circular wheel, with proven advantages.

Wind Harvest โ€“ Doubling the energy wind farms generate.


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