๐Ÿšจ25% funded: Amazon, Xerox, and Pillsbury experience bring real-time supply chain data

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Transparent Path is on a mission to reduce the $1.2T annual global food waste problem by creating end-to-end, real-time visibility in critical supply chains. While most of the supply chain currently leverages paper and faxes (or disconnected loggers) to make sense of what happened to shipments after the fact, a Transparent Path customer (example: an Alaskan fishery shipping a $400k container of king crab) can leverage predictive AI to anticipate issues which jeopardize product value, preventing painful financial losses and food dumped into landfills. View Offering

Deal Highlights

Recently signed one of the largest national food distribution networks
Diverse team from Pillsbury, Xerox, Amazon, IBM, KraftHeinz, HP, and Microsoft
FreshScoreโ„ข algorithms calculate sensor-based freshness rating
Scope has expanded to include global vaccine tracking

CEO Eric Weaver, while at Xerox, was Inspired by conversations with supply chain clients around the globe clamoring for the technology to better see into their supply chains, in order to reduce waste, fraud and risk. The companyโ€™s printed sensors, under development, lower the unit cost while making the sensors compostable.

Simultaneously, Transparent Pathโ€™s proprietary FreshScore algorithm meets the needs of both perishables buyers and consumers demanding increased transparency in their products.


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