๐Ÿคณ New launch | PerformLive boosts live streamers across all platforms

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โ€ข Creator-centric design focused on ease of use & monetization options
โ€ข Proprietary tech: A.I. chat and augmented reality shopping
โ€ข Experienced team with 4 products, 10 patent filings*, 2 exits since 2017
โ€ข Three tiered business model with commissions, transaction fees, subscriptions
โ€ข $800k+ raised from VC and angel investors
PerformLive is a platform for individuals, businesses and brands to monetize their talent and products via interactive live stream. They enable creators and sellers to broadcast their streams across multiple social media platforms, saving time and increasing reach.

PerformLive is the latest creation of a 16-year working relationship building products and teams.
In just the last 4 years, Oksana Sokolovsky (CEO) and Rohit Mahajan (CTO) have built 4 products, filed 10 patents*, and have 2 exits under their belts, including:
โ€ข Io-Tahoe (acquired by British Gas, 2017)
โ€ข Chartbuster Games (acquired by LTV Games, 2020)
โ€ข ROAR Augmented Reality (pivoted to PerformLive, 2021)
*Some patents of which are unrelated to Performlive


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