10 Resources for Starting an Animal Welfare Nonprofit

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Are you concerned about the animals in your community? Maybe you’ve spotted more strays than usual, or maybe you would love to encourage more people to adopt from shelters. You might be ready to start a nonprofit dedicated to animal welfare! To get ready for this exciting undertaking, read through the resources we’ve gathered.


Your First Steps


Do you have questions about the basic logistics of running a nonprofit? Don’t stress — these resources have the answers!



Managing Your Team


To make the biggest possible impact and help more animals, you want to become a great manager.


  • Hiring the right people to work for you is the key to running a successful organization — look for candidates who have experience working with animals.
  • Ensure that volunteering with your nonprofit is a great experience with these helpful tips.
  • Become accredited to improve your nonprofit’s operations and help animals more effectively.


Financial Tips


In order to solve problems, your organization needs to bring in enough donations and manage them properly.



Helping animals live healthier, happier lives is very rewarding. By creating your own animal welfare nonprofit, you can tackle this pressing issue head-on. Knowing that you’re saving the lives of animals can change your own life!


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